Governor Cuomo Should Not Resign over Allegations of Improper Behavior toward Women

When the hired whores and attention-seekers came out of the woodwork for Herman Cain, and when they came out of the woodwork for Donald Trump, I said these men were innocent of all charges until proved guilty, and they should not withdraw from public life on account of accusations, even ones that seemed truthy at the time. I still think Bill Cosby has been railroaded but at least he has a conviction to legitimately get him off the stage.

Andrew Cuomo, as a citizen of these United States, stands today a man innocent of sexual impropriety as alleged, and it is the duty of his accusers to bring proof to convince a court that he was behaving badly. Allegations, on their own, mean exactly bubkis. I can bring an allegation against you, today and make headline news. The public would be shocked, I tell you, to hear the horrible things you did.


Mind you, he should resign for general incompetence in governance, but that is expecting rather a lot for a Democratic politician these days. But the dozens of legislators and other former allies of Gov’n’r Andy? Their opinions mean nothing to either truth or Justice. If any of the allegations are proved then that’s the time we should start talking about resignations. Not before.

For those of you who think #BelieveAllWomen still applies, and that allegations should be enough to get a man off the public stage, I present three anecdotes to the contrary:

  • Kamala Harris is serving as Vice President to a man who she claimed in the past she believed had been inappropriate with women. #BelieveAllWomen? Right down the memory hole, apparently.
  • Brett Cavanaugh is sitting on the supreme Court of these United States, having succesfully went through the confirmation circus (which, recall, included the storming of the USA Capitol building by his adversaries, to the applause of legislators who later changed their mind about the virtue of such storming activities) which included obviously false claims presented as serious by the most powerful people in the most powerful legislative body in the world.
  • The lacrosse team of Duke University was thrashed in the press, academic and sporting careers were permanently destroyed, men’s names were dragged through the mud . . . on the basis of lies from a Woman who took advantage of #BelieveAllWomen

False allegations should not ruin a person’s life. True allegations should only be considered true by We the People after a trial has been held and evidence was presented which led to a convincing of a jury, or an admission of guilt by the accused.

That is the standard. If you think Governor Andrew Cuomo should resign because of this spate of accusations, then you are a Bad Person and a bad American.


The South Shall . . . um . . .

There has been much hoopla lately about the symbols of the Confederated States of America, and how “all” the press outlets, social media buddies, and people in general seem to think we should be busy erasing the blight of the historical events from our past from the collective national consciousness.

This is natural.  This is what happens when a war is fought to its true (military) end.  The victor writes the history, and the vanquished gets his penis stepped-on.  It is a little surprising to me that the Stars ‘n’ Bars battle flag has been allowed for so long.  The Union side won.  The Rebels lost.  Their ensigns will be taken from them, willy-nilly, a hundred-fifty years later.

Sure it is a symbol of heritage.  Your heritage is that you [deleted] LOST and your terms are still being dictated to you by the winners.  As the song says,

“If you don’t love it, leave it”

…again, if you can.  For the next few years I’ll just say “good luck with that” but the USA is headed for rocky shoals.  It will take Divine intervention and good leadership to steer us on a true course again.  We’re kicking God out every chance we get and, well, don’t get me started on our leadership.


Did I say I want to see the battle flag gone?  Did I say I want to see it stay?  Read it again.

Uncivil Disobedience

VFD Approves.

If you have someone ruining your life, what do you do?  If they are making you physically ill in your own home, what do you do?  If they are slaughtering endangered species, what do you do?  If they are taking profits away from your fossil fuel power plant, what do you do?  If a private company is destroying the natural beauty of public lands, what do you do?

Well, for some people apparently you take a potshot at the offending technology!  There are people with various motives who could all benefit from the destruction of wind turbines.  And, as I have no especial love for wind turbines of this sort, I approve of shooting them*.  I hope this sort of activity becomes more widespread.

If your government refuses to listen to legitimate science showing how a thing is a net-loss for everything they claim it is benefiting, and allows your %motive% to continue to exist, there is still a way to be heard.  To quote the sidebar at sipseystreetirregulars:

From MamaLiberty over at War on Guns:

“Here’s an idea…If nobody wants a ‘civil disturbance,’ why in heck don’t they quit disturbing us?”


“When Democracy Becomes Tyranny

I STILL get to vote.”


*I also disapprove.  I’m conflicted oh the internal drama!  Shooting other peoples’ stuff is bad, and these turbines tend to be privately owned.  I disapprove of doing illegal things in general really, but when you push people too far eventually violence will break out.  Not the violence of a wind turbine exploding and sending a 50 meter-long carbon fiber blade into your nursery – actual people-behaving-roughly violence.  The kind of wind turbine which looks like a big fan is pretty ridiculous really, and  I look forward to the eventual adoption of the kind of thing that looks more like a squirrel cage blower, which is both efficient and doesn’t pose nearly the danger to birds the big-fan looking ones do.

What the Hell, Austin?!

I don’t panic.  I can recall exactly one time I started to panic, then chilled myself out.  I was stuck, trapped in a confined space where nobody would have been able to rescue me.  After collecting my wits, I extracted myself.

Then today.  This morning, I was hacking up a lung, recovering from my recent sinus infection.  I thought.  I drove to Houston for the day, and didn’t think twice about breathing clearly all day.  Then I came back to the Hill Country.  Just past Washington County, maybe about Bastrop, and I had to fight off the onset of for-real panic.  My lungs were filling up with crap and I didn’t realize it until I had to calm myself.  I thought for a moment I was freaking out about driving through the gloaming, but I LOVE driving.  Dusk, dawn, day, night, rain, hail, fair weather, whatever.  I love it.  I wouldn’t panic about it!  It was my inability to respirate.


P.S., the drivers in Houston ALL speed.  Even the metro buses are going 15% over the speed limit.  But they are courteous.  Unlike the jerks on the road around here.

Cool Points

He has skeletons in his closet and demons like the rest of us, and appears to not be a Christian, but…

Robert Downey, Jr. seems to be an okay sort of guy.  First he’s demanding raises for co-stars before he’ll work on a sequel to a hit movie, then he delivered a prosthetic arm to a little boy and put on Stark for the occasion.

Nobody’s good.  But this was a Good Thing for Downey to do.

Poor Little Thing

VFDDawg #2 is dying.

This is as expected, but the news has not been universally well received.

I have been telling the children for a couple of months now that the transition from 9lbs to 4lbs and lots of sudden gray hair likely meant the dog would not survive whatever was wrong with her.  Still, to have a Veterinarian say things like “chronic” and “liver” in the same phrase hit DW hard.  Not “come home before I shoot myself” hard, more like “I sound sad on the phone”.  Of course, the dying dog WOULD have to be her favorite of them all.  I, having been accused previously of being a stone-hearted bastard, took the news pretty well in stride.

Stone-heartedness notwithstanding, I don’t like unnecessary noises.  My computers have silent fans.  I oil door hinges that squeak.  Just now I had to do something unconventional to make VFDDawg #3 shut up.  He was whining and crying and putting him out to pee didn’t help.  All day he’s been lying down next to #2 and generally getting on her nerves, with her growling at him to leave her alone (which never works).  Their kennels are side-by-side and usually they sleep out of sight of each other.  The last couple of nights, #2 has been on an extra-soft pillow in a small animal carrier to keep her warmer than usual*.  This puts her farther from #3 than usual.  #3 was locked up because he poops on the floor at night if not.  #1 was lying on the floor in front of the kennel trying to sleep, and #2 was in the little carrier off to one side.  #3 was whining constantly.  Just now I had a little game of musical chairs and put #2’s crate in front of #3’s door so he could see her.

He stopped his crying.  He was crying to be near his pack mate who probably smells like death to a dog (while smelling like dog to people).  He wanted to be near to her.  This is where I’d start up an argument with JT because he thinks animals have souls, but he “resigned” from work recently so I can’t push his buttons any more.  Oh well.

The extremely stone-hearted basterdly side of me just realized that, the smaller this dog gets, the easier it will be to knock together a coffin for her when it comes time for that.  Ha-ha-ha.

*because it’s colder than witches’ tits outside, and they sleep near a big window

Comic Sans: LOL

Apparently it is a kick-you-in-the-jimmies level offense to some people when the Comic Sans font is used in comics and graphic novels.  At this point in my life, I don’t really have an opinion (or care) but it is amusing to me to know that some people actually get worked-up enough about this to write on the subject.

I was going to post this in Comic Sans font for the heck of it, but it took longer than 20 seconds to figure out how to tell WordPress which font to use, so I shrugged and didn’t.

[deleted] You And Your Nut Allergy

I recently attended (as a chaperone) a childrens’ overnight camp with one of my children. There were forms and meetings beforehand, and it was made abundantly clear to the camp people (as well as the chaperones) that one of the precious snowlfake darlings has a Life Threatening Peanut Allergy. But do you want to hear the crazy part?

At the first and second meals, all the other children were able to serve themselves peanut butter AND jelly sandwiches with no difficulty. At the third meal, I overheard Helicopter Mom indignantly-and-too-loudly complaining that there had been god-forbid PEANUT PRODUCTS on the food line. For two meals! And can you guess how many people died from that?

Go on, guess.

No? Well I’ll tell you: ZERO. You know what never killed anyone yet? Being within a foot of peanut butter slime going into someone else’s mouth, or being on the same airplane as someone else who was enjoying the last vestige of customer service on an airplane, that little bag of salted peanuts. These women were practically getting themselves worked up into hysterics about something that had ZERO negative effect, but enhanced the enjoyment of the meal for several dozens of children. Get over yourself woman, and carry some diphenhydramine hcl if your child has an allergy. I’ll even grant you the extremely remote chance that your child has a Life Threatening Peanut Allergy. You know what you should do? You go to the doctor who TOLD you it was life-threatening (otherwise you are as full of [deleted] as your co-workers think you are) and get a prescription for an epi-pen. If you can’t produce said epi-pen on a moment’s notice, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich table remains open at Camp VFD!

At home just now, I grabbed a handful out of a three-pound tin of peanuts we have just sitting open wafting deadly-dangerous PEANUT DUST all over the house and ate them while I contemplated this stupidity, then wrote up this blog post just to tweak your nose.

  • If your nose isn’t tweaked, this isn’t for you
  • If you are about to go ballistic, this is for you
  • Actually, I guess it’s for me because I laugh at the thought of people getting outraged over anonymous internet words.
  • LOL


Update: more of them, the poor precious poor darlings.  There are pecan trees on the campus where one of my children goes to school, and we collect the pecans.  One of the children in one of my childrens’ classes has the dreaded Life Threatening Nut Allergy!!!  Now my anklebiter has to surrender his pecans to me before going into the classroom because someone else in the classroom opened one of these pecans that are all over the place, and god-forbid the oil from the nut meat could have ended up where darling snowflake could come in contact with it and (to quote Grug from The Croods) AND DIE!!!1!

But you know who died?  Nobody.  There are crushed pecans all over the parking lot and this child routinely FAILS to become ill despite all this [deleted] NUT OIL AND DUST all over the campus.

B.S., I’m calling it.