Using vapes to prove masks don’t work is dumb

ok this bothered me enough to look it up and my hunch was right.

I saw a video from a doctor proving masks don’t work. This is a typical example screenshot: he sucks in a giant hit on a vape pen and then exhales a cloud of vapor around the edges of a very (intentionally) ill-fitting mask:

ok so how big are the particles exhaled by people who vape?

Call it 1 micrometer. Well fine, viruses are smaller than that, right? Right, guise?

There’s a difference between the size of a virion and a particle someone exhales than can carry it into your mucosa. The filtration of a mask obviously depends on the kind and fit of the mask used, but come on here. If you’re doing science, don’t be obviously wrong and/or disingenuous.

If you’re demonstrating a filter doesn’t catch particles, stop using something 5 to 30 times smaller than the thing you’re demonstrating it doesn’t catch. All of which is beside the point. The video from the first picture here, shows that most peoples’ masks DO work . . . to keep from spreading high-velocity large particles. See how he was blowing clouds of small bits out the sides?

Masks catch the big chunky aerosols. That’s the deal. That’s what they’re for. A surgical mask prevents your cough and sneeze juice, as well as your mouth-breather breath, from blasting out straight at the person in front of you. They leave a cloud of smaller particles that evaporate and are not hazardous, or agglomerate and fall down within ~1meter of yourself.

Saying “masks don’t work” because they don’t provide 100% protection is silly. Nothing but sealed Level IV Virus Protection Super Suits with forced air from a HEPA filter is gonna be 100% proof.

yeah, but…

Oh, and since that’s the next question. Yes, masks filter out fine particles. Even this article saying they aren’t perfect shows that they do work to some degree.

Mask *mandates* don’t work because people can be responsible adults without being told. Maks *do* work, but only for what they work for. This is not an open question.


Overheard on the news, a local elected official said: “Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, All Lives Matter”
To which the DEMOCRAT crowd called back, “BOOOO!”

If you think black lives matter more than white lives, you know what it makes you?  A horrible racist scumbag.  The proper response to foolishness is derision.  So:

If you won’t click through for the hilariously-profane comments which roundly and rightly mock the #blacklivesmatter foolishness, at least take a moment to giggle at the picture that started it off.

Re: The Duggar Boy Naughtiness

It has been a junior-grade flapdoodle in the press for a few days, and it is time for the noise to stop.  Exactly one person knows exactly what happened.  Five other people know parts of what happened.  The parents and local law enforcement and health officials have an idea, as well.  You, you pornographer, have no idea and no business knowing what happened.

All you know is, more than half a lifetime agone, a barely-teenaged boy did something unacceptable to five girls.  A couple of them were his sisters.  The records which were previously unlooked-at have been destroyed in an excellent move by the local Police.  One assumes that this family which was maybe locally-famous for having a bunch of children but not-yet-at-the-time internationally famous (and wealthy) could probably not have gotten by with counseling if their boy raped five girls.  So somewhere between rape and a kiss on the cheek, you have something bad enough to talk to the Police and a head shrinker about, but not bad enough to incur Sex Offender status or a criminal record to speak of.

And you are freaking out.

Look, this has been dealt with.  If any of the other parents thought the dealing-with were inappropriate, surely they would have said so at the time.  You are only hearing freak-out about this in the news because YOU didn’t hear about this a couple of decades ago.  And you just can’t wait to hear the salacious details of what this handsome young man did to those girls.  Well you know what?

You don’t get details.

Its’ none of your business.  The local authorities at the time caused Justice to be served, and whatever personal issues you are projecting onto the Duggar family have nothing to do with this time of weakness in one boy’s life.  Or, if you insist on talking details:

You are a horrible person and a terrible gossip.

You want these “victims” to dredge up possibly hurtful, traumatic memories, just so you can see what happened to them.  This is the worst sort of voyeurism.  Shame on you.  If your imagination of what might have happened makes you not want to watch their show, don’t watch if it comes back on the air.  If it makes you want to not patronize the show’s sponsors, don’t.  But don’t you try and insist that people cause themselves mental harm just to satisfy your curiosity.


The stuff that gets people on Registries these days, used to be called “normal boyish behavior” by the way.  Nobody thought %behavior% was sex assault, it was just not a great idea.  Parents gave lectures and/or licks and it was not to be done any more.  Everybody relax for a few minutes and try to think of a time when children were allowed to be children, and the occasional grabassery was treated as childish, rather than criminal.  And remember this particular case was dealt with YEARS ago by the people whose job it was to deal with it – and those people ain’t YOU!

Chronic Parking Violators in Austin

These are being submitted to the Austin Police Department via their online tip reporting system every couple of days.  I’ve put through three sets of pictures like this so far and intend to continue, and have received approved Police Reports for two of them.   If you are one of these drivers, shame on you.  I hope eventually APD gets caught up on their backlog and you catch a full $500 fine for every one of these illegal parking jobs.    If you know any of these people, tell them they suck as human beings, or perhaps mention that the Police are being sent pictures of their cars illegally parked.

At mykids’ school, I was just ignoring people parking on the red curb and in the handicapped zone, but this was the final straw.  Because this pisses me off.  This one finally got me making submissions to the Police.  A crippled old lady walking on a CANE past the lazy bitch who couldn’t be bothered to find one of the less-convenient available parking spots.

This green Mercedes SUV license plate number BR7Y374 is a fat female who I see park here at least every-other day (probably every day, and I just don’t always show up at the same time as her).  At least when she gets back to the car, she drives away.

This white Nissan Sentra has a temporary tag 86W2350, and this fat female apparently also parks in the same handicapped spot at least every-other day, maybe every day and I just don’t see it.  This morning the parking lot was half empty and she STILL parked in the handicapped spot … and then took a few minutes after dropping off her anklebiter to PUT ON HER MAKEUP! At least today she was parked inside one spot, instead of overlapping two like this:

The other day, this white van was driven by another fat female, slowly, through the parking lot.  When I went to grab my camera to shoot the green Mercedes, she was blocking my shot, stopped on the red zone, heads-down on her cell phone.  Having JUST driven past a Drivers – No Talking No Texting sign.  License tag CSF7146.

This morning I was running a couple minutes late so I got to see a different violator for a change.  A skinny Asian female driving a gold Toyota Sienna license number CR8V735 stopped where the Mercedes SUV had been, and she went in the back door to unbuckle her kids.

I don’t know why I should be surprised.  The local drivers are pretty terrible at driving as well as parking.  The general failure is “lack of consideration for fellow motorists” on the road, why expect them to give a damn about some hypothetical cripple with a good reserved parking spot?

This is probably happening all over Austin all day every day.  That’s what happens when your local police force is short by a couple of THOUSAND officers (but hey, you got a new $50M ESL program in the schools so… )

Medically-Fragile, As If It Makes A Difference!

The Todd & Don show today opened with two minutes (before I changed channels) talking about how great it was that the Clerk in Austin has signed off on the first “gay marriage” license in Texas.  They mocked those of us who understand things better than they do:

“So now two people got married, I guess your marriage is falling apart hahaha”

To which I will respond with reductio ad absurdum:

So now someone stole grapes from the grocery store, I guess you don’t have as much fruit at your house hahaha
So now a woman got raped, I guess your vagina hurts hahaha
Someone was murdered I guess now you are dead hahaha

Just because something doesn’t have an immediate direct negative effect in my life, does not mean it is good for us to allow it to go on.  To argue that your opponent is somehow oafish or foolish to think something should not be allowed to go on “just” because it is bad for society, is to highlight your status as an oaf, fool, or both.

I take this opportunity to remind you of my excellent essay on the topic of why “gay marriage” is bad, and why it is even so much as a topic of discussion (let alone an actual thing) in the modern USAmerican political discourse.


They kept repeating on the radio how this one couple of lickers was granted a special case because one of them is “medically fragile” due to having cancer.  Well excuuuuuuse me I think I should be allowed to get away with robbing your house because I have cancer.  I should be allowed to walk up to you and slit your throat will screaming how my god is the best, because I have cancer.  What a bunch of jerks!


On the way out of the parking lot at the children’s school this morning, I got stuck at the exit lane.  Right in front of me was traffic zipping past at n miles per hour, until the light changed and traffic stacked up all the way to my exit, and beyond.  In front of me was a mid-level luxury sedan with a small family inside.  Mom, two kids.  One child in front, one in the back, leaning against the back of the front seat.


So this is a luxury car.  The front seat is far from the back seat.  This kid was not only not in a 3-point seat belt, he wasn’t in a seat belt at all.  So what did I do?  a) call 911 and report them b) jump out and berate the woman driving c) play peek-a-boo with the child in the back seat

Hint: on the answer is always c).  I don’t think he was ready for it, so instead of full-on play, I just got a glimmer of not-bored from the child.  A few more moments of standstill traffic, and he would have been ducking behind his windowsill like I was ducking behind my dashboard.  Oh well.

Sure, it’s against the law.  She’ll either get ticketed enough times for it to reconsider, or she’ll have a tragic accident and the child will suffer.  Then again, I remember being extremely incredulous when the first mandatory seat belt-wear laws came into effect, when they said “oh NOOOooooo we’ll NEVER make this  a primary offense!  We’ll not stop you JUST for not wearing your belts!”.  Uh-huh.  The world is too sterilized for children these days.  Let this one (and his mom) flout the law while they can.  Lord knows, we did our share of lying down in the back window, curling up in the footwells, etc, without any notable harm.  Let him remember a little taste of liberty . . . if he lives long enough!

Love the Sinner

A while back, the radio news was talking about a Texas school that says they ought not to refer to boys and girls as “boys” and “girls”.  This is a disservice to all involved.  Sure there are some mentally disordered children of bad parents who mis-self-identify their sex.  But to treat this as normal is BAD and WRONG.  These children need a biology lesson:

Biology teacher: ok kids, go in the head and look down between your legs
(fast forward 5 minutes)
BT: did you see a peener?  You are male and a boy.  If you saw a vag, you are female and a girl.  This is not open for debate
LGBTQ Students: oooooooh see nobody explained that before!

If you intentionally sew confusion in the heart of your child, it is ABUSE.  If you do not tell them the proper God-ordained nature of their sexual identity, it is ABUSE.  The school and the parents have the ability (obligation?) to prevent a lifetime of shame and confusion, self-hate (which leads to drugs/depression/suicide in too many cases) by simply stating the obvious about their biology and properly counseling what the children should think of themselves and their equipment.

Hold on there.

To be perfectly clear: if you do NOT tell a child they are what they plainly are, but let them think something false about themselves, you are being


toward that child.  Do you WANT them to have a life of shame, confusion, ostracization, and possibly perversion, drugs, depression, and suicide?  NO?  SERIOUSLY?  Then tell them the plain truth!  To allow them to continue in confusion is the hateful activity, not speaking the truth in love!  Do you love your child?  Then set them on the correct mental path!

Love your children and treat them with love.  Tell them penis = boy and vagina = girl.  If you do this properly, your children will be much better off for it.


This is what happens when society goes away from a set moral code.  If anything goes, then anything goes.  If YOU don’t know what’s right your child sure as hell won’t, and it will get worse in the next generation, and then you end up in zombietime! (NSFW/NSFL link, beware of … the reality on display)

[deleted] You And Your Nut Allergy

I recently attended (as a chaperone) a childrens’ overnight camp with one of my children. There were forms and meetings beforehand, and it was made abundantly clear to the camp people (as well as the chaperones) that one of the precious snowlfake darlings has a Life Threatening Peanut Allergy. But do you want to hear the crazy part?

At the first and second meals, all the other children were able to serve themselves peanut butter AND jelly sandwiches with no difficulty. At the third meal, I overheard Helicopter Mom indignantly-and-too-loudly complaining that there had been god-forbid PEANUT PRODUCTS on the food line. For two meals! And can you guess how many people died from that?

Go on, guess.

No? Well I’ll tell you: ZERO. You know what never killed anyone yet? Being within a foot of peanut butter slime going into someone else’s mouth, or being on the same airplane as someone else who was enjoying the last vestige of customer service on an airplane, that little bag of salted peanuts. These women were practically getting themselves worked up into hysterics about something that had ZERO negative effect, but enhanced the enjoyment of the meal for several dozens of children. Get over yourself woman, and carry some diphenhydramine hcl if your child has an allergy. I’ll even grant you the extremely remote chance that your child has a Life Threatening Peanut Allergy. You know what you should do? You go to the doctor who TOLD you it was life-threatening (otherwise you are as full of [deleted] as your co-workers think you are) and get a prescription for an epi-pen. If you can’t produce said epi-pen on a moment’s notice, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich table remains open at Camp VFD!

At home just now, I grabbed a handful out of a three-pound tin of peanuts we have just sitting open wafting deadly-dangerous PEANUT DUST all over the house and ate them while I contemplated this stupidity, then wrote up this blog post just to tweak your nose.

  • If your nose isn’t tweaked, this isn’t for you
  • If you are about to go ballistic, this is for you
  • Actually, I guess it’s for me because I laugh at the thought of people getting outraged over anonymous internet words.
  • LOL


Update: more of them, the poor precious poor darlings.  There are pecan trees on the campus where one of my children goes to school, and we collect the pecans.  One of the children in one of my childrens’ classes has the dreaded Life Threatening Nut Allergy!!!  Now my anklebiter has to surrender his pecans to me before going into the classroom because someone else in the classroom opened one of these pecans that are all over the place, and god-forbid the oil from the nut meat could have ended up where darling snowflake could come in contact with it and (to quote Grug from The Croods) AND DIE!!!1!

But you know who died?  Nobody.  There are crushed pecans all over the parking lot and this child routinely FAILS to become ill despite all this [deleted] NUT OIL AND DUST all over the campus.

B.S., I’m calling it.

Austin Drivers Have SuperBrakes On Their Cars . . . ?

Every drivetime, the radio news calls out wreck after wreck on the traffic report.  Would you like an illustration of one of the main reasons there are so many crashes around here?


This is 70MPH traffic, full highway speed.  A safe following distance for most drivers is somewhere around 350 to 400 feet.  Here in the #1 lane we have ELEVEN cars in that same distance.  At this kind of spacing, the drivers not only do not have time to stop, nor even time to react, they have no time to register that something is happening in front of them before they have already crashed.  The cars about halfway through the stack will see that some crashing is going on, but they will still crash.  MAYBE the last car or three will be able to swerve, which will cause auxiliary crashes.

They can’t keep a safe distance, and they can’t be bothered to look before changing lanes, and they text while driving, and occasionally they will eat from a plate with a fork.  Spaghetti.  Cereal with milk.  So.

Plus, many of them also suck at “reading” traffic AND are impatient, bound-and-determined that they will go zooming past everybody, risking multiple deadly-dangerous close-quarters lane changes cutting people off to try to gain one place on the road race.  Out of frame to the left is a red BMW Z4 roadster, with the top up.  It passed me and joined the deadly procession in the “passing” lane shortly after I took this picture.  The maroon Nissan pickup with the twisted bed WAS behind the silver Honda, in front of said BMW.  The driver of the truck sucks at getting ahead in traffic.  Anyone should have been able to see, on this day, that the #3 lane was slower than #1 and #2, and everyone *should* realize that big trucks slow dramatically on big hills like this.  The driver of the pickup truck changed lanes at least a half-dozen times, typically of Austin without using a turn signal – and by the time I got off the highway, the red Z4 was still in line in the #1 lane and well ahead of the pickup.  I was also ahead of the pickup, and saw them (in my mirrors) cut across two lanes of traffic to make their exit.