Getting the yard ready for pumpkin spice season

This little guy is currently hanging out in my back yard, keeping the corner safe from the other things DW doesn’t want to see out there.

Still rocking the Nikon D7000, this time with a DIY extension tube and a Canon 50mm lens which was shown being converted to F mount in a previous blog entry here.

Missed it By That Much!

I got exactly one chance at this guy.  He was out working hard and I was just getting off work.  The manual focus/eyeball combination was disagreeing with Nikon’s autofocus indicators in the viewfinder.  I went with my eye and it came out okay.  I chimped the exposure and looked up, and he was off to the next flower.  One shot.

DSC_5844Nikon D7000 aperture priority automatic 1/800 ISO800, Canon FD 100mm “approximately” f/4

I missed focus to the near side, by a couple of millimeters from a meter-ish away.  I love this lens.