As long as I’m thinking about Europe today

Here’s hoping LePen can win big. France is screwed and getting worse, but LePen (somewhat like Trump) seems like the most likely candidate to turn it around.

“To assure the freedom of the French, there is no price too high too pay,” Le Pen said. “The foreign policy of France will be decided in Paris, and no alliance, no ally, can speak in her place.”

Preach it!

Just a dash of islam thrown in for sport!

Most English-speakers have been using the terms ISIL or ISIS when referring to the group that calls itself The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The occasional nutter has been calling them DAESH for a few years now, and I’m going to start doing so as well, for the following reasons.

  1. They don’t like it. They really, really, don’t like it. They’ll kill your family if you say it, level of don’t like it. Primarily [deleted] those guys and what they like. I’ll say what I please, dashies.*
  2. It’s the SAME THING as saying ISIS, but it’s a funny way of saying it. Think of how people would react, every time you were referring to daesh, and instead of using the popular acronym, you said “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” a dozen times in a paragraph. That would be odd, right? But DAESH is an acronym as well, and it’s the same as ISIS. DAESH is an acronym in *Arabic* though, so it’s even closer to the group’s name in the the oh-so-sacred (the language of “god”) language they use. Except it’s not at all. Because in Arabic, nobody uses acronyms. It’s just not done. Think how weird people would think you are if you said the whole name of every word that gets an acronym, then multiply it ten times. That’s how weird it is to use acronyms in Arabic.  The simple act of saying daesh is making fun of them because it’s a weird word.  THE single most common thing in the Koran is the call for and/or pronouncement of damnation and eternal torment on people for making fun of Mohammed and his newly-promoted formerly-low-grade “god.” The islamists *really* don’t appreciate being poked fun of – so let’s go ahead!
  3. It’s a new word to suit the new organization. They don’t like new words or concepts that much, hence the jihad to return to the 7th century way of doing things. Bonus points: the neologism sounds like a slightly-demeaning word that doesn’t mean The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria at all.  Think, if some super-serious group of serious people came up with a name with an acronym of FOO, and they wanted you to call them FOO and think “kung fu, badass mofos!” but instead people called them food, fools, poo, foot, or similarly not-the-same-idea kinds of words. It sounds like you’re making fun, to call them DAESH, in Arabic. They don’t like that.
  4. Calling them ISIS or ISIL in English is treating them seriously as a State, and in a small way giving in to their demands for respect. Mock the enemy and make him a subject of ridicule when you speak of him, vs. giving small respect when you speak of him. This is the most important reason of all to say DAESH instead of ISIS.
  5. If you’re that kind of a reactionary, it’s different to what President Obama says (ISIL) (unless he changes his mind) (this item is a joke, by the way) ( 🙂 )

It’s not a word that doesn’t translate. It’s not a word loosely related to other words in Arabic. It’s an acronym that is inherently strange to the Arabic-speaker, and slightly funny – regardless of ill-informed news reports to the contrary.

and BTW, DAESH is not a perfect translation. Arabic has sounds that English doesn’t. The “e” is added because it’s a sound from the throat, not “dash” as in “run quickly”.  But if you pronounce it “dash” like John Kerry does, you’ll be poking that much more fun while referring to them.

*and I’ll make diminutive forms of the word and not even capitalize it. Because F what the terrorists want.

This Could Be Interesting

The parliament in Catalonia has voted to break away from Spain. Catalonia really is like a while ‘nuther country anyway. Spain, of course, is one of the formerly-great nations that was an actual Empire in its day and it tended to lose parts of itself in bloody – and expensive – ways.

But Spain is broke as a joke and their government isn’t quite as secure as one might hope for. I wonder what sort of military response they might mount. I wonder if the illegitimi at the UN would recognize an independent Cataluña. I wonder if the Catalan people in France might start getting ideas too.  I wonder if it starts WWIII, and I wonder if it all amounts to so much hot air.

We live in interesting times, my friends.

Uncivil Disobedience

VFD Approves.

If you have someone ruining your life, what do you do?  If they are making you physically ill in your own home, what do you do?  If they are slaughtering endangered species, what do you do?  If they are taking profits away from your fossil fuel power plant, what do you do?  If a private company is destroying the natural beauty of public lands, what do you do?

Well, for some people apparently you take a potshot at the offending technology!  There are people with various motives who could all benefit from the destruction of wind turbines.  And, as I have no especial love for wind turbines of this sort, I approve of shooting them*.  I hope this sort of activity becomes more widespread.

If your government refuses to listen to legitimate science showing how a thing is a net-loss for everything they claim it is benefiting, and allows your %motive% to continue to exist, there is still a way to be heard.  To quote the sidebar at sipseystreetirregulars:

From MamaLiberty over at War on Guns:

“Here’s an idea…If nobody wants a ‘civil disturbance,’ why in heck don’t they quit disturbing us?”


“When Democracy Becomes Tyranny

I STILL get to vote.”


*I also disapprove.  I’m conflicted oh the internal drama!  Shooting other peoples’ stuff is bad, and these turbines tend to be privately owned.  I disapprove of doing illegal things in general really, but when you push people too far eventually violence will break out.  Not the violence of a wind turbine exploding and sending a 50 meter-long carbon fiber blade into your nursery – actual people-behaving-roughly violence.  The kind of wind turbine which looks like a big fan is pretty ridiculous really, and  I look forward to the eventual adoption of the kind of thing that looks more like a squirrel cage blower, which is both efficient and doesn’t pose nearly the danger to birds the big-fan looking ones do.

Don’t Tread On Me

When the feds come steal a man’s cattle by the hundreds for allegedly not paying a fee the man may or may not owe, to ranch on land his family has used since before the agency asserting the fee is owed came into existence, it causes hurt feelings*.  If a Democrat US Senator is tangled up in a commercial development scheme on the same land and the rancher is the only one standing between the Senator and his profits, and the Republican local government is saying the federal agency is going too far, it doesn’t look good.  This was enough to shake a few citizens awake, and a few hundred armed citizens showed up in support of the rancher.  It looked like there was either going to be a slaughter on one or both sides, or a big bunch of arrests and a big(ger) black eye for the feds, including Senator Reid.

That’s the spirit behind this flag right here:or else

It seems for the moment that the feds have got the message, and the Bundy ranch is going to be left alone under some negotiated agreement.  Until further developments, I’m going to say “Good.”  I’ll also point out that, without the people’s exercise of their right to keep and bear arms, this rancher would have been forced off his land, his cattle stolen by his government, and the family of a powerful politician would have been enriched in a deal that would have never been reported in the national press.  A few decades later there would have been a judgement from a court selected by the feds and the guy would be Officially denied his land, and you still wouldn’t know.  With an armed populace willing to stick up for itself . . . the feds have been dragged into the light as crooked and (for now) appear to be backing down from their corrupt actions.

Hat tip: Instapundit


*yes, the sentence is longer than it has to be.  Flex your brain and read it again.  Trust me, it makes sense.

More Like This, Please

No, I don’t want more dead policemen.  I want more court proceedings to end up with shooters cleared of charges for killing home invaders when the invaders were police executing a no-knock raid on the house.  I want more policemen to realize they could be dead because they executed STUPID PLANS and the people who kill them will not necessarily end up in prison.

There is a general rule in America: Kill Cops and Go To Jail.  This is not an absolute rule.  One of my pet exceptions has long been: Knock on my door and wait for me to answer, and I will not shoot you dead.  And vice versa.  Break into a house in the USA by crashing through the door unannounced, and we’ll cap your ass no matter who your buddies say you are after you’re dead.  Stated another way:

No. More. No. Knocks

The people in a house in the middle of the night are very nearly certain to leave sometime in the next couple of days.  Have a team of heavies roll up and pile out of a van, rifles up, when they come out the front door to go to the grocery store.  Fine.  Make a dynamic arrest.  But unless there is a very, very strong reason to believe somebody is being killed in the next couple of minutes, there is basically no reason to come crashing through the doors/windows of a house in the middle of the night.  And when you do, and the sequence is not “POLICE SEARCH WARRANT! (BAM goes the door)” what you are doing is called a Home Invasion.

It is a reasonable fear of every homeowner, because it has happened before, that thugs dressed like modern police (all in black, with hoods, no markings anywhere) will break your house and rob you.  The reasonable thing for a red-blooded American to do is to kill them first, on their way in.  This guy did just that.  But at his house it was the Police executing a no-knock raid.  When the Only Ones put him up on charges, a citizen grand jury no-billed him.  It’s not murder when you shoot someone who comes crashing in your door with a gun pointed at you, without telling you they are the Police, says the citizenry.


Knock, guys.  Or hang out and wait down the block until they come out in the morning.

Or get killed dead trying to carry out an unnecessary no-knock raid, and the guy who was growing two pot plants in his house gets cleared of your murder charge because you shouldn’t have done what you did that got you killed.

It’s Not Just a Meme, it’s Culture

Go here.  Laugh at the petty rules being ignored by sovereign Citizens who don’t give a damn.  The best remedy for crooks in power is mockery.  The current crop of Democratic #harryreidshutdown crooks made it easy to mock them during the recent “shutdown”,which is one reason to regret the “shutdown” is ending.

Yes, “shutdown.”  17% barely even counts as a Partial Shutdown.

Credit Instapundit 

Egyptian Citizenry Picks Up The Slack

You have a popular uprising and the thug-in-chief is thrown out.
You hold elections and the new President sounds like he’s a good one.
Then he turns out to be a muslim fanatic and helps fellow muslim fanatics get in positions of authority and allows reprisals and terrorism against non-muslims
Your military throws him out
The islamists are acting badly because of it, and lose popular support big-time
The USA refuses to recognize the military government as legitimate (hopefully this changes when a new election is held)

So what do you do?

You make fun of people who look like islamists on the bus, and don’t let them into the market.  You deride them, and thereby deny them the power over your mind that they wish to obtain.

The answer to people with stupid ideas is to laugh at them and treat them badly.  Good for you, Egyptians: popular backlash is exactly what was needed.  Let’s hope we can get some of that here, for our own idiot leftists.

Hat tip: Instapundit

That’s Your Boy

Your President Obama supports Tayyip Erdogan, who is currently in the process of turning Turkey into a fully islamic nation.  While it is a crime to insult Turkishness in Turkey, it is apparently also a crime to go sit in a park and refuse to leave when the police are lighting your tent on fire.

Thousands of demonstrators injured for peaceful protesting government offenses against the people.