Complete and total vindication of Donald Trump, and it means nothing to the political opposition

OK so the Mueller report says there was no collusion between any Americans and the Russians trying to mess with the election.  This reinforces the similar conclusion from the Senate’s investigation.  According to people who are willing to listen to investigators on both sides of the political aisle:

There was


any evidence that the Trump campaign was conspiring with Russian agents to interfere with the 2016 election.  There was never any evidence of it.

. . . except for the Steele dossier.  The Steele dossier, which was paid for by Clinton dollars and was full of literally false information.  Including known lies and a prank from 4chan idiots involving prostitutes and urine.  It was known by the FBI to be Clinton opposition research FAKE stories, the dossier.  Some people in the FBI tried to warn other people in the FBI that it was fake and they should be careful with it.  What did they do? they lied to the FISC to get their warrant, and lied again to renew it three times.

So we are interested in the truth, yes?  We are willing to spend ten-millions of dollars and employ dozens of people for years to find the truth, yes?  We don’t want criminal activity to go unpunished, n’est-ce pas?  If that is the case then the question should now properly shift to: why was this done?

Some of us have a pretty good idea of why.  But you’ll want me to take off my tinfoil hat before telling you.  It will sound like madness today.  Let the investigation be concluded and then you will find yourself so shocked at the depth and malignity of this scandal that you will hardly believe it could be real.


So now the press corps will shift to mention of Obstruction of Justice by Don John Trump.  I will only remind you of the requirements for a case of obstruction of justice:

  1. There must have been a crime under investigation
  2. The investigation/trial process must have been obstructed somehow, or with corrupt intent someone intended to obstruct the process.

Donald Trump did not collluuuuuuuude with muhRussians to mess around in the election.  There was never a crime and everyone in the investigation knew that.  SO there cannot have been obstruction of justice.  Donald Trump actually took no action to impede the investigation (contrariwise, he co-operated (!) as stated by Messrs Mueller and Barr).  SO there cannot have been obstruction of justice.  The President is the absolute boss of the Department of Justice. He could literally have fired everyone and stopped the investigation.  He could have insisted his underlings stop or actually impede the investigation in various ways, and he never did.  The absolute worst you find in the Mueller report is that he was frustrated and wanted the investigation to stop but utterly failed to stop the investigation.  If words mean anything, then there was no obstruction of Justice by D.J.Trump.

Judge the quality of your chosen source of news accordingly.

D.J. Trump is Playing Everybody To His Advantage With These Tweets.

Supporters Love it, Enemies are distracted and can’t stay on message.

Conventional Republicans are saying Trump should stop tweeting; Democrats and the press (but I repeat myself) are saying he should stop tweeting. He should not stop tweeting. He is teaching the Republicans how to win.

The lefties in the press constantly bag on him, and he bags on them right back. He uses the same tone and style as they use, and they call him a bully. Trumpian supporters love it. They see someone pushing back, getting right back at the press for doing to him what they do to every other Republican and the Republicans usually go cower and comply. People who are on the verge of taking the red pill notice the controversy and examine the outrage . . . and find that the President is just giving a dose of the leftists’ medicine back to them . . . and the people inch closer to realizing the truth.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

Kate’s law just passed. We just renegotiated our sugar deal with Mexico. Two huge measures that will affect the daily lives of USAmericans for the better . . . and there is no coverage. Every station you turn to, with rare exception, is talking about this tweeting business. There is no organized resistance to Donald Trump’s agenda. There is *residual* resistance. People who resist him out of habit, still resist him. People who would only resist him if they had a campaign to organize them, are failing to resist. The Trump agenda is going forward at half-speed (only obstructed by the Republicans who do not know how to act as if they are the controlling majority party) while his opponents are bedazzled and constantly on the back foot.

This is tactical *genius* and it is so unconventional that people who benefit from it fail to see it in-progress.

The Game Has Changed Somewhat

Long-time readers will recall that I have said this year or next year would see a global recession/depression. The systemic problems that caused the crash of 2008+ were never fixed and more bubbles were blown, and it looked to me like this would be the year of the popping bubble.

Hold on there.

I was expecting a typical politician to be our next President. Things would be done the same-old same-old way, and structural problems would be left untouched again. But here’s this guy now in office, blowing up the paradigm of how a President acts. So allow me to revise my previous prediction: 2017 or 2018 will see a global crash* but the USA might actually escape. Possibly, even with +3%GDP growth or more the whole time. Because Trump. His leadership and example of fearlessness in discourse may be what it takes to right our ship whilst the others all sink.

We’ll see.


Be sure to remember you read it here first, when the global depression is blamed (by the global leftist elites and their buddies in the press) on bad ol’ USA and Don Trump in particular, and the systemic problems are still not fixed after this upcoming recession. I hope I’m wrong and that lessons will be properly learned, but that wouldn’t rhyme with history.


*Australia’s housing market, and Canada’s in particular, are not looking great even right now

Carly Fiorina for Private Citizen!

She’s running for President. She needs to keep whatever is her day job.  I don’t think we should have a President whose strategy is “hope it doesn’t come to that” when talking about using military force against Russia. Call me crazy.

At least D. Trump has come out on the correct side of this: “Let Syria and ISIS fight. Why do we care?”  I’m not for Trump (I’m for Cruz) but I’d vote for Trump any day of the week and twice on Sunday, vs. Fiorina.  This is just one more reason for that.

Maybe. If He Keeps This Up.

Or, to quote the football announcer: “HE COULD! GO! ALL! THE! WAY!!!”

I have a sneaky suspicion that one D. Trump could be the next POTUS.  I told this to DW and she asked “Why?” so I told her:

He keeps refusing to be intimidated into political correctness by the press, and then when they push him he spouts off things that the rest of the country is thinking, except for the people in the press.

Sure, he’s rich enough to buy ads enough to get popular.  But you haven’t heard a single Trump ad yet.  He’s sucking up all the oxygen, simply by being “controversial” by saying the same sorts of things you think all the time.  It’s a long. [deleted]. time. until Novmber, 2016 and a lot of stuff can happen between now and then, including the proverbial “live boy or dead girl” scenario.  But I doubt it.  I think this guy has been working up the same case of giveadamn as me, these last many years- but he’s got the bankroll to allow him to pull off the campaign without compromise.

So what you are seeing may be Trump, unvarnished.  He says what he intends, because he doesn’t HAVE to care what anyone thinks.  Like it or don’t vote for him, but he doesn’t have to change his message to suit his audience.  Which he knows, of course – so what you are seeing may also be a mask.  He could still be a stalking horse for the eventual Democratic Party candidate, which will intentionally split the Republican Party vote and lead to a Democrat POTUS.  There is approximately one way to find out: the hard way.

But this involves a larger number of people than have been interested in a very long time, finding a candidate they can agree with on about 80% of what he says, with a track record of getting things done.  So.  I’d prefer President Cruz or maybe President Walker.   I don’t like what I’ve heard of Trump’s religion.  But from all the way back here on the calendar, so far, maybe, I could pull the lever for Trump.

Two Steps Away From Destruction. Sideways Steps.

Trump and Hucksterbee are both out of the running. Good. Scratch two names from the list of people you might have to hold your breath and vote for so as to vote against President Obama.

Support Herman Cain. Tell all your friends about Hermain Cain. Visit Herman Cain’s website. And if you know Herman Cain personally, tell him to hurry up and announce already!

Obama Releases Birth Certificate! (?)

The Official From-the-horse’s-mouth Birth Certificate has been issued forth from the throne of his highness the Obama. I leave it in more capable hands to see if this one is as genuine as the last one they acknowledged as genuine. Perhaps the forgery is good enough to be accepted. Perhaps it is real. What is beyond question is that, barring some very convincing disclosure of this certificate being fraudulent, this issue is settled. Several million dollars later and several years too late, but it is settled. Feel free to insert jokes about slow shipping from the Mexican document forgery house at this time.

Do you really believe it VFD? You’ll lay off now?

Unless it comes out as a verifiable fake, then yes I believe it. The timing even fits his massive ivory tower ego. During the campaign last time none of his handlers let him know this was a problem, and he did not release the certificate. Until he began to campaign again, it remained not only not a problem for President Obama, it was a useful distraction from the Socialism he was cramming down our throats. But NOW! Now, you see, he is running for the Presidency again. And, critically, he is possibly going to be facing down one of the richest, most famous men in the country, and THAT guy is calling attention to the “birther” controversy. This issue is costing the Dear President in the polls! It is hurting his numbers! Quick, do something! Demonize him! Wait, that didn’t work. Release the form then! Release it! Make the issue go away!!!1!

And theeeere you have it. When it becomes an apparent political (let alone morals!) necessity, the certificate comes out. The Donald is justifiably proud at having forced this move.


One of the local talk show callers said now Trump needs to push for John Kerry to release his 1st DD-214. The one that shows if or not he was dishonorably discharged and therefore a Felon
As well as why he has an illegal upgrade to a very-high award on his published DD214
And why he is supposedly authorized FOUR combat stars on his Vietnam Service Medal despite being present for only TWO combat campaigns . . . as stated on the extremely-unusual Form DD215 attached to his record.