Regarding Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2

No I’m not getting vaccinated against the new coronavirus.

I typed up the first bit of this post at the time when the sars-cov-2 jabs were shiny and new and my co-workers were giving me a hard time about being hesitant to be injected therewith. I manfully withstood them with much mockery and derision to-and-from both sides, and now my decision is looking better than ever, two years later.

I don’t go to the doctor for anything except when I can’t control my own bleeding. I don’t take medicine of any kind except to treat emergent symptoms. Zero prescriptions. No periodic shots for anything. No regularly scheduled appointments for anything. Oh, and I’m healthy as a horse.

I also don’t do things I know are super dangerous, or things I suspect could be super dangerous but nobody can prove they’re safe.

So like hell am I going to take part in the ongoing trials of a “vaccine”* that’s not approved for regular use with zero long term safety record and it’s a new type of technology, for a disease I won’t even be likely to notice if I catch it! I’m in the demographic that is “safely bet your life on these odds” going to be just fine if you get a covid.

I stayed away from things I wanted to do, during local surges of new cases in 2020. When the surge went down I went but masked up and kept my distance. The mask was to protect the old and high risk people I care about, who also wanted to not be shut-ins. By now, all the super old people and high risk people have been vaccinated or they don’t care about the risk. If they don’t, I don’t, and the mask is off now. I did the good-citizen things everyone was supposed to do, to prevent the spread of illness.

But yeah, an experimental medicine for a low risk disease in someone who doesn’t go to doctors anyway? Nah I won’t be doing that.

That was my original comment. Now dig this:

Along the way, by looking at public health statistics issued by various governments I learned that if I were infected I’d have about a 0.09% chance of going to hospital and 0.0006% chance (or thereabouts, cut me some slack it’s from memory) of dying. That’s just for people in my age and sex demographics, and before accounting for things like diabetes or fatassedness, neither of which is a problem for me. That reinforced my decision to roll the dice and take my chances as a pureblood.

Then it became obvious that people were suffering serious health consequences subsequent to the shots. First blood clots, including fatal ones, in women. Then heart disease, including fatal, in men of my age and younger. That reinforced my decision also. Then actual Science started happening.

N.B.: the trials of the jabs were specifically designed to not catch fading efficacy nor were they even looking properly for the negative side effects they might have caused. Pfizer didn’t release their side effects data until late in the game and that probably helped them tbqh. I don’t count those to have been actual science, those were science for public consumption and influence on national governments. We’ll leave aside the time they admitted to fraudulent activity in their studies, in court, but said it was okay because the government went along with it.

Now we also know that the spike protein is the thing that is so harmful about sars-cov-2. The spike itself. You know, the thing that your body is trained to produce with the jab? That’s the poison here. The spike protein itself is the dangerous thing, and the jab causes you to make it. Every tissue it grows in, your body attacks. And you have this going on in perpetuity if you continue taking more and more “booster” shots of covid-19 vaccines.

We found out the spike stays in circulation in your body for weeks after the jab. We found out the nanoparticles are found in lymph nodes for months and months after the jab. We found out the mRNA alters the human genome. We found out it accumulates in gonads and liver tissue. We found out it causes diabetes and neurological disease. We found out it causes autoimmune disease and permanently damages your immune response to illnesses. We found out it causes a drastic increase in all-cause mortality . . . so much so that they invented Sudden Adult Death Syndrome to handwave away all the “died suddenly” type of deaths of otherwise healthy people. We found vaccinated people who died have bizarre blood clotting all over the place.

Yes, we did. If you question these assertions fuck off and do your own searching. Not even “do your own research” because you only have to find the papers written by people who did that already. Hint: google is your enemy on this.

This is all, in the absolute best case, a set of catastrophic unintended side-effects which would have showed up in a proper phase III trial, which takes several years. Vaccines take three, maybe ten years to develop and nobody has managed to make a coronavirus vaccine yet because exactly this sort of nonsense happened in the lab rats and chimps during animal testing. By the time a proper trial was done, the disease would have burned itself out because that’s what pandemics do. By then the jabs would have been obsolete because sars-cov-2 mutates too fast for a vaccine to work anyway because that’s what coronaviruses do. As of this writing, big pharma and governments are still chasing the last variant with the next jab and those will all fail to contain the epidemic as well, by the way.

At worst, the conspiracy nutters are correct and in a year or two from now we’ll start seeing millions and millions of people dying from vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders (vaids, viaids, whatever you want to call it), bizarre cancers, and CJD, &c. Time will tell on that. Now we’re in a waiting period to see if they were “accidentally right” about the VAIDS too.

In the meanwhile I got the same Omicron version everyone else did (verified by a PCR test, natch), felt bad for a couple of days and started writing a book for the rest of my two-weeks isolation period. Then I had years- to life-long immunity against the dozens of proteins in sars-cov-2 and all similar coronaviruses, not just the one spike protein in the jab juice. So nah. I’m good. Keep your jim jones juice clotshot and I’ll be a happy member of the control for your ongoing genetic therapy experiment. There are political and religious parts of this, but the jab is bad enough, and was obviously bad enough, to be rejected on its own merits so I’ll leave those for another time.

That’s my take. Here are two more from people who are also “antivaxxers” despite not actually, y’know, being antivaxx:

Why I won’t have a Covid booster by Lionel Shriver, a reasonable and polite treatise

You Done With ‘Nice’ Yet?, a very salty in-your-face rant by Karl Denninger, noted anti-this-specific-vaccine ranter and suspiciously-often-correct conspiracy theorist

*It’s been shown by leaked government e-mails that the definition of a vaccine was changed just for the covid-19 jabs because people inconveniently noticed they don’t meet the definition of a vaccine that’s been in use since the days of Salk. So “vaccine”


Read this if you believed the vaccine was “safe and effective” because the news told you so. Read the whole thing.

Incarcerated, Me?

Yes, me. Here I sit in the County Reformatory* at the old Red Ranch as I have begun to serve a sentence of unknown duration, until the Authorities agree I’ve got my mind right. The first meeting with a counselor starts in just under an hour as I write this and I don’t know how many doctors I’m going to need.

They don’t let you see your victim or your family here, including specifically my wife which is

***to be perfectly clear***

the hardest thing. Everything else that ever befell in my entire life that led me to be kindof a hard man, combined, was not as hard as the blow I gave myself last week. Like the song says,

“I can’t go with you and stay where I am”

If there is any hope of restoration of what I broke, I have to change. I know that, now. There’s things from long ago that I need to deal with. I shoved it all down deep inside and built up around it, but it was still there, and now I stepped in it and it stinks.

Next time you see me, you won’t recognize what you knew was wrong, because i’ll be better. I’m taking big steps already, believe it or not. I had already moved past the worst of the worst, mentally, and I was dragging my feet. #1 kept telling me “YOU need therapy!” and I told her “nah, I’m good.” Well bby u were correct and I was wrong on that. I’m gettin’ it.

I have to improve or there’s no chance of getting back into what I am missing out on right now. You may have heard of my hatred of paperwork. I actually sought it out today, so I could figure out how my insurance is going to play into paying for this mess. They make you pay if you talk to actual doctors. I told my dad everything, and his DW almost everything and he probably filled her in on the gaps. I told my new minister everything too. God already knew but he had to step on me a bit for me to own up; but He doesn’t give up. I wish I could tell one more person how far I’ve already come but that looks impossible right now.


*I’m not actually locked up, y’all. It only feels like it.

-Prison: A place for the confinement and punishment of persons convicted of crimes, especially felonies.
-Reformatory: A penal institution for the discipline, reformation, and training of … offenders

Government: Worse at Everything

I made a note to myself when it was fresh news, to mention this as an example – but here we go since I remembered it again:

Travis Central Health had a nice program: if you need a ride to the hospital, we’ll give you one. It was initially given $19,000 but because of increased demand they put in another $9,000. By the time this made the radio news, it had given rides to 140 residents.

No, I didn’t drop a zero there. 140 people got rides, for $28,000. For the math-impaired, that is $200 per ride. You could literally hire a taxi for every drive and do this cheaper. But not if you want to layer a government bureaucracy on top of it.

And no, this is not ambulance transportation. This is *literally* hiring a cab, or giving people a voucher to get on the city bus which costs single-digits of dollars per ride.  The additional cost to get up to $200/ride is the bureaucracy.

Remember that, the next time someone says they want to put government in charge of another aspect of life. fx

From the “Duh, me” category: Arctic sea ice vs. temperature, a sudden realization

People who are paying attention to Watts Up With That will perhaps have beaten me to this realization, but it just occurred to me and although it seems rather obvious in retrospect, I made a spiffy visualization that I felt like sharing.

Ok so we’re supposed to panic about the loss of area of arctic sea ice, right? The poor polar bears and their fraudulently-claimed-as-dying photographs, a dEaTH SpiRaL of shrinking summer ice extents, etc., right?  Except that the sea ice seems to have not got the memo, and it has pretty much stabilized for the last decade: 

ok, cool, but we’re still going to die from the global warming though right?

Yeah not so much on that, too.  The number to watch is the temperature anomaly reported by the University of Huntsville at Alabama.  The UAH temperature record is more-or-less a straight recording of the global temperature, without shenanigans like parking temperature monitoring stations at the end of a runway, or putting the thermometer in a box painted brown such as have been producing some of the recent RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURE headlines.  UAH shows a gradual increase from the start of the record, a sharp increase during the El Nino event in 1998, and then it’s pretty much flat after that as well.  Dig it: 

I saw the NOAA sea ice chart and noticed there’s a knee right around 1998.  Then I remembered the super El Nino that seemingly shifted the temperature of the world right around the same time, and the hamsters got on the wheel and started running . . . and I decided to see for myself what these charts look like, overlaid.

So I flipped the Annual Sea Ice Extent chart, stretched it to overlay the scale of time, and stretched it again to overlay the extent with UAH’s global temperature anomaly.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that the match was pretty much bang-on, but I was a little.  Behold: UAH 6.0 temperature vs. NOAA Sea Ice Extent:

Maybe I stretched it a little too much vertically, but you get the idea: One might be forgiven for thinking that these numbers have something to do with each other!  Anyway, if my hunch plays out and we get some global cooling because of the low solar activity in the next (looks at wristwatch) year or three or ten, the Arctic sea ice should start to rebound nicely, and we’ll end up back in the gray area on this chart:

at which point, either we’ll be feasting on headlines about anything but this news of global significance, or if it is reported, the USA will be ignored as a world leader in the reduction of CO2 emissions on a fairly frequent basis (Paris Accord withdrawal notwithstanding) and the role of Sol in the temperature of the Earth will be staunchly ignored.

We’ll see, I guess.

What is your obligation?

If you hear that someone is kidnapping and torturing children on a routine basis, what is your obligation? The police refuse to step in, and you live nearby to where this is happening.  Are you not obliged to help the poor dear children by any means necessary, including violence at the risk of your own life?

So when we have leftarded useful idiots with hyperbolic rhetoric on the television, radio and social media channels . . . when we have elected officials, even Congresscritters, saying this must be handled by people confronting public officials in person . . . what will be the inevitable result?


This is the current story-of-the-week. The press corps is agitating for people to be upset about things Donald Trump himself, personally is doing to these children. This is preferable to you hearing about all the good news coming from all over the world as a result of the actions of Don J. Trump. Look here, it’s outrageous! Nevermind:

  • B.H. Obama was President when the exact same things were going on
  • the only people separated from their children are the ones who intentionally come illegally (vs. the regular way of applying for assylum at a legal point of entry)
  • some of the “parents” are kidnappers and/or child sex traffickers; some of them are also human smugglers
  • the vast majority of “children” in federal custody came here unaccompanied, including e.g. a 4 year-old with his mom’s phone number (in Guatemala or wherever) in magic marker on his shirt…including a 12 year-old girl who was sent with the “plan B” pill because the parents knew she would be raped as a regular part of the journey
  • Mexico could give these “assylum seeking migrants” assylum, if that’s what they were actually seeking
  • the “children” who are 14, 15, 16, and 17 years old in USA are considered grown-ass adults in South America, and many of them made the trek to USA to work for wages, not seeking refuge
  • this “family separation” business is all in accordance with established law and approved by the entire court system in USA

. . . no, never you mind all that. Be outraged specifically and only please at the Trump administration for being literally worse than Hitler, tearing children from the arms of their parents and putting them in cages!


What will be the inevitable result?  Someone is going to be killed. Mark my words, some borderline-insane leftist is going to supersize their news feed with self-selected hatred of this legitimate exercise of law enforcement, and go a’killing. It goes without saying that peoples’ lives will be ruined. 525 or so “protesters” were arrested for causing a disturbance at a federal building the other day. These people now have a criminal record.

Note that the politicians ginning up their useful idiots care zero percent what happens to them. The press corps, of course, is all for their arrests – they can get some more advertising revenue by covering the story they have almost caused to happen by their own efforts.


Those 500 people were all women. Excuse me for being so sexist as to notice and to wonder: where are their husbands?

Aaaaand heeere weeee goooooO!!! . . . (?)

I’ve been expecting the global economy to crash and the USA economy to stagnate, beginning maybe the middle of last year to the end of this year. The systematic problems that caused the 2008/2009 crash were never properly fixed, and the bubbles are being blown up again.

Here is one bit of speculation that puts the decline start pretty soon: Mid-February 2018. If (big IF) BTC is actually a useful leading indicator, look for the amazingly-overvalued DJIA to plummet soon. If on the other hand BTC and all the other cryptos are just a flash in the pan that was going to fizzle anyway, maybe the ongoing bloodbath in cryptocurrency markets won’t mean anything at all:

So, we’ll see, I guess.

Bitcoin as a leading indicator? Michael Shedlock
Crypto bloodbath, Michael Shedlock

In related news (the relation being upward trends heading downward), depending heavily on whom you ask, we could start to see undeniable global cooling starting around the year 2020. This of course would be greeted with pats on the back from people who made lots of policies that changed nothing . . . but actually it would be related to a natural phenomenon known as the MDO of the GMT, which is predicted by some to begin cooling soon. We’ll see.

CO2 vs. GMT speculation from Girma Orssengo, PhD

D.J. Trump is Playing Everybody To His Advantage With These Tweets.

Supporters Love it, Enemies are distracted and can’t stay on message.

Conventional Republicans are saying Trump should stop tweeting; Democrats and the press (but I repeat myself) are saying he should stop tweeting. He should not stop tweeting. He is teaching the Republicans how to win.

The lefties in the press constantly bag on him, and he bags on them right back. He uses the same tone and style as they use, and they call him a bully. Trumpian supporters love it. They see someone pushing back, getting right back at the press for doing to him what they do to every other Republican and the Republicans usually go cower and comply. People who are on the verge of taking the red pill notice the controversy and examine the outrage . . . and find that the President is just giving a dose of the leftists’ medicine back to them . . . and the people inch closer to realizing the truth.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

Kate’s law just passed. We just renegotiated our sugar deal with Mexico. Two huge measures that will affect the daily lives of USAmericans for the better . . . and there is no coverage. Every station you turn to, with rare exception, is talking about this tweeting business. There is no organized resistance to Donald Trump’s agenda. There is *residual* resistance. People who resist him out of habit, still resist him. People who would only resist him if they had a campaign to organize them, are failing to resist. The Trump agenda is going forward at half-speed (only obstructed by the Republicans who do not know how to act as if they are the controlling majority party) while his opponents are bedazzled and constantly on the back foot.

This is tactical *genius* and it is so unconventional that people who benefit from it fail to see it in-progress.

A better explanation of one of the ways Europe is screwing itself up: TARGET2

Once again, from Michael Shedlock:

He was amusingly anti-Obama and now he is irritatingly anti-Trump . . . but he still calls the economics like he sees it. And right now he sees the Euro zone as a bomb with a lit fuse (but nobody knows how long is the fuse).

Scientists Fit Good Data To Bad, Global Warming Resumes

This is as much an online placeholder for me as for you. In the future, when people wonder “what do you mean, scientists adjust the temperature data to make it look warmer?” I can point them to this article right here. One of the two satellite-based temperature records wasn’t showing any warming, so the guys doing the recording have decided to make their very good data fit some iffy data, so it will agree with the politicians’ conclusions.