Every once in a while I get a question from a reader about who is represented by the initials or code phrases I use on this blog.  Now you know.

  • My Darling Wife: (kidding, I’m pretty sure you can figure this out on your own)
  • VFD: Me
  • #1: Our first child, a girl
  • #2, #3, #4: our second through fourth children, all boys
  • The Zoo: Our children
  • VFDKitty: #1’s cat
  • VFDDawg #1 & #2 a bitch and a dog, littermates, both pure chihuahuas
  • VFDDawg #3 some kind of rat terrier mix, still complete with testes
  • LB: Listing Buddy.
  • WM: Warehouse Manager, since promoted but the name stuck
  • NLB: New Listing Buddy; this can refer to any of several new employees where I work
  • CO#1 and #2: the people that own my company
  • 775: that’s the first part of his phone number, and the second part is his name.
  • BBM: Big Black Man, the only such who works where I work, unmistakable in a company photo
  • GJ: Grumpy Joe
  • CB: Cleaning Buddy
  • PI: Private Insano, the resident crazy person where I work
  • FOG: Front Office Girl, can refer to any of several of them
  • NP: Newbie Pat
  • PB: Pit Boss, currently my floor manager
  • Bad Robot: My Darling Wife’s Buick Terraza with a nagging attitude built right in to the computer. Initially named “Stupid Bitch” but revised to be more family-friendly.  Crashed bad enough to be a total loss.
  • The Hot Rod: My Hyundai Elantra
  • Monster Truck: My Darling Wife’s Chevrolet Suburban
  • Big Brother: A Glock model 22 acquired from government surplus
  • Little Brother: A Kel-Tek P-3AT, made of the same stuff as Big Brother, but smaller
  • Mr. Gauge: A 12-gauge shotgun, can refer to any of them
  • Good Communist (/Socialist/Marxist/etc): a Dead Communist
  • JF, TS, GB, SC etc: initials of peoples’ names
  • Davesville: the City (my the City) where I live and/or work. Not the actual name of my the City.
  • NJ: The second guy with the same name, which starts with “J”
  • POTUS: President of the United States
  • SCOTUS: supreme Court of the United States

This Glossary only applies to, and only when I feel like it.

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