About & Disclaimer

This blog is not for you.

It is for me.  I write when I can not refrain, and it is good.  About 95% of the content here is worthy of your attention, and the rest you will just have to excuse.  When something is not getting the attention I think it deserves in the press, I may tell a co-worker, friend, spouse, child, or my keyboard.  When I have what I think is a unique perspective, I may record it here for a few reasons: Chiefly, so I am On The Record about something.  Also, so that I may go back into my own archives and illustrate a point by sending someone a link to a blog post.  A small side benefit is that those of you who care to, may read my mind at your leisure.  You’re welcome.

Some postings here are of practical use.  These are typically about guns and gunsmithing, or about camera gear and photography.  If you find it here, it is unlikely you will find it elsewhere – at least, not in the degree or of the same quality you will find it here.

Then again, sometimes I parrot somebody else’s postings or just link them up.  Deal with it.

Some postings are photographs I have made.  I share them because they are beautiful.  Click through to the full-size version, which may only be available by ‘downloading’ from Photobucket.  If I mention it, you may be able to find a desktop background version in whatever resolution I am currently using on my own screen at home.

This place is for grown-ups.  Emotions may be raw, and concepts may be advanced.  Grammar and diction may require book-larnin’ to understand.  Sometimes I say bad words.  Mental nudity may occur.  Reader discretion is advised.  I do dangerous things, and you should not attempt the things I write about, or you will risk getting hurt/mangled/killed or breaking your stuff.

Note carefully: I am a law-abiding person and encourage others to be likewise.  If you find anything here you perceive to be racist or hateful, you are wrong.  I am not racist or a hater.  Likewise, if you think I am encouraging you to do something illegal or immoral, you are wrong.  All people everywhere should obey all lawful laws, regulations, and orders. “I am not and have never been a member of the communist party.  I do not advocate the violent overthrow of the government of the United States.”

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I check this extremely rarely.  Leave a comment if you want me to know you sent an email.

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