Governor Cuomo Should Not Resign over Allegations of Improper Behavior toward Women

When the hired whores and attention-seekers came out of the woodwork for Herman Cain, and when they came out of the woodwork for Donald Trump, I said these men were innocent of all charges until proved guilty, and they should not withdraw from public life on account of accusations, even ones that seemed truthy at the time. I still think Bill Cosby has been railroaded but at least he has a conviction to legitimately get him off the stage.

Andrew Cuomo, as a citizen of these United States, stands today a man innocent of sexual impropriety as alleged, and it is the duty of his accusers to bring proof to convince a court that he was behaving badly. Allegations, on their own, mean exactly bubkis. I can bring an allegation against you, today and make headline news. The public would be shocked, I tell you, to hear the horrible things you did.


Mind you, he should resign for general incompetence in governance, but that is expecting rather a lot for a Democratic politician these days. But the dozens of legislators and other former allies of Gov’n’r Andy? Their opinions mean nothing to either truth or Justice. If any of the allegations are proved then that’s the time we should start talking about resignations. Not before.

For those of you who think #BelieveAllWomen still applies, and that allegations should be enough to get a man off the public stage, I present three anecdotes to the contrary:

  • Kamala Harris is serving as Vice President to a man who she claimed in the past she believed had been inappropriate with women. #BelieveAllWomen? Right down the memory hole, apparently.
  • Brett Cavanaugh is sitting on the supreme Court of these United States, having succesfully went through the confirmation circus (which, recall, included the storming of the USA Capitol building by his adversaries, to the applause of legislators who later changed their mind about the virtue of such storming activities) which included obviously false claims presented as serious by the most powerful people in the most powerful legislative body in the world.
  • The lacrosse team of Duke University was thrashed in the press, academic and sporting careers were permanently destroyed, men’s names were dragged through the mud . . . on the basis of lies from a Woman who took advantage of #BelieveAllWomen

False allegations should not ruin a person’s life. True allegations should only be considered true by We the People after a trial has been held and evidence was presented which led to a convincing of a jury, or an admission of guilt by the accused.

That is the standard. If you think Governor Andrew Cuomo should resign because of this spate of accusations, then you are a Bad Person and a bad American.


So impeachment is now nothing more than a vote of no-confidence. Cool, cool.

Maybe next we can just throw darts at a phone book and decide who the next President will be. Elected politicians have divided themselves so badly into partisan camps that the most-important civil proceeding they can employ has now been used as a cudgel against someone they don’t like, based on something that is not only not criminal, not only not bad, it’s something they themselves have repeatedly done without censure.

Garbage. A pox on all their houses.

More evidence: What you are seeing does not match the conclusions you drew (because of ignorance), Drylands Dryness edition

tl;dr: There exists a previously-unknown negative feedback mechanism controlling climate on the Earth that was causing models to not match observations. Global warming climate models all fail at general predictions over the long term because they don’t match observations . . . because the scientists programming the models don’t know everything.

Forgive me for thinking we should not base global governance on half-baked science driven by agendas contrary to common sense.


a climate heretic.

More evidence: What you are seeing does not match the conclusions you drew (because of ignorance)

RMIT University and the Australian National University, with the University of Sydney and USA’s Oak Ridge National Laboratories have proved that the planet is not 3.4 billion years old.

Hold on there.

Not quite. But they have proved that it doesn’t have to be, for there to be diamonds. These rocket surgeons have figured out how to make diamonds at room temperature by applying pressure and shear forces as has not previously been tried.

The current scientific paradigm (which, of course, eliminates all belief in Genesis chapter 1) says diamonds must have taken billions of years to form, under terrific pressures deep in the earth’s crust. The evolutionist has no problems saying “God made them LOL” but this is not acceptable to a scientist (as a person who relies on scientism). This new discovery does not explain how diamonds must have formed in nature. It tells us that “everybody knows” something which may be false, and the reality is actually compatible with young Earth history.

Juuuuust saying.

Friendly Reminder: Climate Science is In Its Infancy

…(compared to all that there is to know about weather and climate).

One of the main drivers of the greenhouse effect is supposed to be methane. Methane as it turns out is released abundantly by the ocean. The ocean’s release of methane is partially regulated by the moon. If, as alleged, methane makes the planet warm up causing higher sea levels, methane emissions will be reduced due to higher pressure on the ocean floor. Oh, and the arctic ocean where we aren’t looking is apparently contributing more to this emission than previously thought. From the journal Nature Communications

Another thing influencing weather and climate is atmospheric aerosols. Guess what we have only now discovered happens in quantity, naturally? Generation of aerosols by mountains. From Nature Geoscience

[SOLVED!] How to Install Windows on Dell Optiplex 7040 (and other Skylake systems)

This should not be so hard. Dell did something with their USB hardware that is not built into USB installation media for Windows. I tried 7 and 10 installation media, USB and optical, with no joy. This literally took me two full man-days (on the clock, thanks) but I got it finally.

The NVME M2 hard drive is a separate ball of worms. Deal with those drivers and cloning disks and whatnot, if you want, after Windows is installed. The procedure described below required the use of a SATA hard drive I was glad to have sitting on the shelf. The new Windows installation may not have the networking drivers so you won’t be able to get online to download the rest of the things you need – get those drivers from Dell Support online, on another computer, and transfer them via USB after you get Windows up and running on your troublesome 7040.

The BIOS was set to UEFI, SATA to AHCI, boot to USB first.

You will need a separate, working computer with internet access. You will need a USB stick big enough, 8GB at least, 16 or 32 would be better. Use Rufus* to prepare your USB drive as an ISO with a GPT file system for UEFI boot. FAT32 is important, UEFI won’t boot from NTFS! Use your favorite Windows installation ISO to make your bootable drive. Boot from it in one of the USB2.0 ports on your 7040 and notice that it calls for drivers during the process of installing Windows – and it won’t find any. From any drive on any port. Suck.

You need to get the driver pack for the chipset from dell directly. In my case it took only this USB3 driver found at this very simple 10-page explanation that has a wrong step and oh by the way I literally wasted an entire day trying to make it work even when i got all the steps right. Various failures including crashes. Very bad.

Anyway, insert the drivers into the boot.wim on your new USB installation media using DISM. The steps here are pretty clearly spelled out:

assuming you have installed the latest Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)

Assuming a your windows installer file is located in windowsmedia\sources\ (i.e., if your installation files are on a drive called G, then G:\sources will have an install.wim inside; in this case the author used a directory of C:\WindowsMedia for their example location)

Assuming a test/working directory of \mount\boot (make a new directory e.g. C:\Mount\Boot to work in). I was on my last nerve and went ahead and worked with the boot.wim right on the installation disk and it worked.

The elevated command prompt commands you will use, copied here in case the msprofessionals web page disappears:


DISM /Mount-Image /ImageFile:”C:\WindowsMedia\sources\boot.wim” /index:1 /MountDir:”C:\Mount\Boot”

DISM /Image:C:\Mount\Boot /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\WindowsSources\10\1909\Drivers\winpe /recurse

N.B.: you may need to additionally use a /forceunsigned option in there, in case you get an error in the WinPE installation environment about unsigned drivers. Probably not. Hopefully not.

DISM /UnMount-Image /MountDir:”C:\Mount\Boot” /Commit

DISM /Mount-Image /ImageFile:”C:\WindowsMedia\sources\boot.wim” /index:2 /MountDir:”C:\Mount\Boot”

DISM /Image:C:\Mount\Boot /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\WindowsSources\10\1909\Drivers\winpe /recurse

DISM /UnMount-Image /MountDir:”C:\Mount\Boot” /Commit

Then you can go on and install windows as usual. If you don’t know how to do that, you are probably lost anyway after looking through the foregoing. Sorry.

Cautionary note: I tried to dism install all the drivers from the other two driver links on the dell explanation page and the windows installation errored out pretty hard. So maybe just brooming them all into the boot.wim was a bad idea.

*Rufus can be found here:

Update: this has now come back and saved my bacon as I had to install Windows on a Dell 3620 tower.  The 10 installation media worked ok on this model, but the 7 installer couldn’t find drivers again. I wanted 7 on this box though, so I had to retrace my own steps.  The text has been updated a bit for clarity.

Voters Guide: Travis County General and Special Election, November 3, 2020

President/Vice President: Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence
This is a no-brainer. If you love the United States of America (and I do) then this is the only possible choice.

United States Senator: John Cornyn
Not my favorite Senator, but this cycle the R team is the only one which can be allowed to hold power.

United States Representative, District 17: Pete Sessions
Again, the R team must have power. The only viable alternative is the D team, and they have officially gone full leftard. They forgot the rule: “You never go full leftarded”.

Railroad Commissioner:
James “Jim” Wright – Please vote for Mr. Wright. His messaging has improved dramatically from the primary when I was rather ‘meh’ about him, to sounding rather like the only candidate who is actually suited and qualified for the position.
Chrysta Castaneda – Right off the bat she gives me a bad vibe from looking at her, strike 1. The first sentence on her campaign website is a lie, strike 2.  Flaring methane is the cleanest thing you could do, far cleaner than trying to store it on-site or build a pipeline to ship small amounts!. That she is bent out of shape about it means she is waaaaaaay off base, so strike 3. Next.
Matt Sterett – Seems to be unaware of his own internal cognitive dissonance (I’m for freedom we should let them frack/I’m against flaring it’s harmful) which is hardly a suprise for someone on a Libertarian ballot.  Thinks control of compliance with rules should be “PUNTED” to the courts because he’s against regulators having power.  Why even run for this position then, buddy?  Next.
Katija Kat Gruene “First, no new pipelines” from a lady who wants to oversee an industry that must necessarily, constantly, have new pipelines? A kook. Next.

Chief Justice, Supreme Court:
Nathan Hecht – I have repeatedly previously endorsed Justice Hecht and do so again this year.
Amy Clark Meachum – From her website: [she] is running to become the first woman ever elected Chief Justice … because Texans want … judges with integrity and common sense – Sounds pretty sexist tbh. No thanks. Says she wants to bring new thought and balance to the Republican dominated court.  Piss off with that.  Go away. Preferably, retire from your current bench and be peaceful where you don’t inflict damage on my State with this kind of thinking.
Mark Ash – Since 2012 he has been running for a seat on the highest court having never been a judge at all, and pretty much with no discernable campaign presence at all. So . . . still “No”, Mr. Ash.

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6, Unexpired Term:
Jane Bland – Vote for Justice Bland to remain on the court! She was appointed by a governor I support, after a career as a judge that seems to be a set of valid qualifications. family and church woman. No discernible campaign but I’m not sure how much of one the incumbent should need in this case. 
Kathy Cheng – in 2018 I said “the front page of her website is a list of endorsements by racist groups.  And she’s not a Texan.  No thanks.” And this year, she’s jumped on the “the court is unfair because it’s all Republicans” bandwagon.  No thanks, again.

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 7:
Jeff Boyd – Again: an incumbent who doesn’t have a good reason to replace him should stay. Keep Justice Boyd on the court!
Staci Williams – presents as a decent candidate until you look at her endorsements.  the Democrat party folks and the LGBT folks endorsing the D party person is one thing. Her having the BLM endorsement on her campaign website is automatically disqualifying.  Next!
William Bryan Strange III – Once again (as in previous years) I am not sure from his campaign’s online presence this is a real live person. You have to at least TRY, Bill!

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 8:
Brett Busby – Let’s keep Busby on the court! Another recent appointee by a Governor I support, and this time it’s a solid judge who happens to share my philosophy on judgin’: The law means what it says so rule on that
Gisela D. Triana – Also at least a judge, which is more than you can say for several candidates for the Court this year.  But although she may be qualified, she leans more toward ‘interpreting laws’ rather than ‘rule on what it says in the law’ which is the wrong direction to be leaning. Also she is on the ‘balance the court by being from a different party’ bandwagon, which is shit.  No thanks, not this year.
Tom Oxford – not a judge and with no campaign? Hard pass.
Read this, regarding this race. I think it seems to sum it up well:

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3:
Bert Richardson – Without a compelling reason to remove him, a sitting incumbent judge gets my vote again.  N.B.: He issued a ruling *against* the Republican Governor at one point, which goes to show that the whole “Republicans filling the courts means they’re biased” bandwagon is way off base.
Elizabeth Davis Frizell – Maybe she’s a good judge IDK. She doesn’t seem insane. But if your opening line against a decent incumbent is “I want to be the first (race) (sex) person on the court”, that’s a mark against you from me. Not this year, EF. And here it is again, with the partisan/racist groups supporting the D candidate.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4:
Kevin Patrick Yeary – Please keep Judge Yeary on the TCCA.  A sitting judge without much in the way of complaints against him should generally stay.
Tina Clinton – Being elected in Dallas is hardly a ringing endorsement for a Conservative like me.  She said she has more experience than anyone in this race . . . including presumably the guy who has been sitting on this Place for the last six years (so that was a * lie). Belongs to a couple of racist organizations so that’s not great.

Judge, Court of Criminals Appeals, Place 9:
David Newell – Please keep Judge Newell on the TCCA also. The court has been doing well since he got there, let’s keep him there.
Brandin Birmingham – Yet another Dallaser. Dallasian? Dallasite?  Anyway, elected in Dallas.  He claims to be running to bring qualities to the court that already exist in Judge Newell, who also happens to have experience on the court and knows the current docket.  Next!

Member, State Board of Education, District 10
Tom Maynard – I have been endorsing Mr. Maynard since 2012 when I started writing voter guides.  Refer to my old notes for the reason I’m still for him.
Marsha Bernett-Webster – Okay I’m not saying it’s a 100% guarantee that a woman is a screeching harpy, but a hypenated last name is a huge big red flag. Just saying. Also she looks insane but maybe that’s only her face and she can’t help it. But what she can help is that a) she seems to be running against the injustices that have already been stamped out of society by now and b) she is against public funding for charter schools.  F this lady she can go take a long walk off a short pier.  My own babies got a solid education instead of going to crap schools only because charter schools are publicly funded.  FIX YOUR GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE COMPETITION.  I didn’t even need to read past this in her campaign materials. That’s enough to disqualify her.
Trip Seibold – Doesn’t understand things properly. Doesn’t know that our morality is from the Judeo-Christian tradition. Is not against teaching ‘gay is okay, you can change your gender’ type nonsense to impressionable chilren(!) this guy needs to join Madame Bernett Webster on her walk. PLEASE leave this guy out in the cold from this Board!

Chief Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District
Jeff Rose – Yet another incumbent who has not been a problem – Please keep Justice Rose on the Court! He is doing a good job without complaints against him, there is no reason to replace him.
Darlene Byrne – Happily accepts the endorsement of the typical D team racist groups. great. She is running to (as she puts it) move to the next phase of her career as a judge. Notably NOT because she’s going to do better than Mr. Rose in this same position. It is impossible for her to have more experience than he, who has been on this seat for many years. Versus an experienced incumbent, she is the lesser candidate by far.

District Judge, 460th Judicial District
Geoffrey Puryear – The incumbent if only just, he says a judge should interpret and apply laws, not make them.
Selena Alvarenga – Says we need Justice Reform.  Which does not sound especially like something a Judge should say- maybe she should be running for the legislature, instead?

District Attorney, 53rd Judicial District
Martin Harry – Am I biased because he was in my Navy, or am I biased because he wants to protect individual liberties and resist an over-burdensome government? Either way, this looks like a party-line race. If you like the R team then you’ll like Mr. Harry.
Jose Garza – . . . and if you like the D team then you’ll be for Mr. Garza. He  worked for the Obama administration, is all about the immigrants, etc. No thank you, sir.  At least he is claiming to want to fix the mistakes of the outgoing DA Moore, so that’s good since he’s the D candidate which means he will likely win in this left-leaning area.

County Judge, Unexpired Term
Michael Lovins – I’m supporting Lovins but I doubt he’ll win. This seems likely to be a party-line vote in solid-blue Travis.
Andy Brown – If you like what the less-insane parts of the D team are doing then you’ll like  a lot of what his campaign has to say.  He seems to care, and to have his finger on the pulse of what needs to be done in the County – but also pitches healthcare as a right and demands environmental justice.  So not necessarily the kook fringe on main street, this one, but you can see it from standing on his shoulders.

Judge, County Court at Law No. 9
Kim Williams – The incumbent judge gets a heavy hand on the scale at election time. This is no exception . . . 
Christopher David . . . and it helps Judge Williams that Mr. David seems to be a Candidate in Name Only.  Pro tip, once again, like the last election, for the Libertarians: HAVE A CAMPAIGN if you want to be elected!

Raul Vargas – I hope you will join me in supporting Mr. Vargas for Sheriff.  A career cop who (unlike his opponent) wants to see laws actually enforced.  Bonus for him to be running against a clown like Sally!
Sally Hernandez – Sanctuary Sally? No. Thanks. Literally a random person off the STREET would be better than this woman as our Sheriff!

County Tax Assessor-Collector
Marilyn Jackson – She seems to be running out of outrage and a demand for increased transparency, which is fine as far as it goes, but she is running against a seemingly-commpetent incumbent who already took care of the problem she is upset about.
Bruce Elfant – May just be an 80% candidate for me. Seems to be doing a decent job as the incumbent.
Erica Lockwood – Again we find a Libertarian without a visible campaign presence online. Why do you to this, L team?

County Commissioner Precinct 1
Both of these people support Project Connect which means both of them are disqualified from holding any elected office, ever.  Hard pass from me. I won’t be voting in this race for either of them.
Solomon Arcoven 
Jeffrey Travillion 

Tons of unopposed positions going to Democrats. Come on, Republicans, stand up and be counted!

City of Pflugerville Council Member Place 2
Ceasar Ruiz – By default, it’s Ruiz.
Victor To – at 24, still TOO YOUNG to be on a city Council. Doesn’t seem to understand children in schools don’t spread covid, while old people are at risk from each other!

Council Member Place 4
Bob Reichenbach – I know this man. He’s an engineering mind and a Good Christian outlook on things. And he’s against all the deficit spending. PLEASE support Mr. Reichenbach!  Did not vote to raise our taxes as much as possible.
Rudy Metayer – now Chaiman of a race-based organization as well as sitting on several other such boards.  Pass, AGAIN. Apparently a Catholic. “Humbled” to be awarded together with the idiot Stacey Abrams, which is almost a disqualification in its own right. Still I haven’t heard anything bad about him since he went on to the council in 2017 and ‘no news is good news’ they say.  But I know and trust Bob.

Council Member Place 6
David Rogers – did not vote to increase our taxes literally as much as possible.
Jim McDonald – wanted to increase our taxes literally as much as possible?  Yeah . . . no. Both of these seem like reasonable candidates but this sort of thing means it’s time for fresh blood on the Council.

City of Pflugerville Bond Election
Proposition A
The issuance of $101,700,000 bonds by the City of Pflugerville, Texas, for  transportation projects for City intersection improvements, City neighborhood street reconstruction, Immanuel Road, FM 685 corridor improvements, SH 45 frontage roads, Kelly Lane, Pfluger Farm Lane North, Main Street, Central Commerce Drive, Picadilly Drive, Weiss Lane extension/realignment with Cameron Road, East Pflugerville Parkway and East Pecan Street. Taxes sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds will be imposed.
Vote AGAINST this!  Stop borrowing money. Against. Against again!

Proposition B
The issuance of $42,300,000 bonds by the City of Pflugerville, Texas, for parks and recreation projects for trail improvements, neighborhood parks, land acquisition, Lake Pflugerville, 1849 Park, and destination play space. Taxes sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds will be imposed.
Vote AGAINST this!  Stop borrowing money. Against. Against again!

Proposition C
The issuance of $47,300,000 bonds by the City of Pflugerville, Texas, for a recreation and senior center. Taxes sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds will be imposed.
Vote AGAINST this!  Stop borrowing money. Against. Against again!

School Board Trustee Election, Pflugerville ISD – none of these people have discernible online campaign presences, so there are demerits all around on that point.
Board of Trustees Place 6
Larry D. Bradley – The incumbent who doesn’t have much the the way of negative reporting? Seems like a shoo-in from VFD
Jean Wade Mayer – seems to have been aggrieved that her child’s program was moved.  That doesn’t seem like a reason to place a person from a cosmetics company in place of a long-time incumbent.  Self-described “huge” fan of Justice Ginsburg is a red flag too.  She’s agitating for antiracist vs. just not-racist which means she is a closeted racist and soft-headed besides.  That makes two in this Trustee election (see note for Torres, below) which makes the choice easy for me.

Board of Trustees Place 7
Cynthia Gee – having served in rural school districts is commendable seeking this role. Slight preference to Gee this time.  
Charlie Torres – Wants to have the dear children represented “by someone who looks like them” – so either a racist or soft-headed about diverrrrrrsity and either way not great for leadership for our schools. Next.

Regarding Transgendered Persons

They don’t exist.

Hold on there.

In the current era, I understand that this is a source of no small contention. People have varying ideas based on varying first principles. This essay is based on my first principles. The following thoughts are an integral part of the worldview of anyone whose truly believes what their Bible has to say. This is, all, sincerely held religious conviction for us.

“… male and female created he them”


  • Created space, time, the rules of physics, and the Earth
  • Made men and women, living souls, fully formed as we are now, a few days later
  • Formed man to reflect his image, in possession of the capacity to reason and be self-aware, unlike the animals which have clever programming at best
  • Wants everything to be orderly, and is not the author of confusion
  • Wants people to have full joy
  • Can be grieved by the actions of men
  • Created a powerful entity as a servant, which turned against Him in rebellion. Historically referred to by the Hebrew word for “adversary”: Satan (which is adversarial to people)
  • Wants people to have fellowship with Himself
  • Considers perversion of his design to be abominable, including sexual perversion

All of these points are integral parts of the Christian worldview, and they exclude the possibility of transgenderism. These stand in stark contrast to the prevailing secular view taken by an increasing number of people and governments which in misguided attempts at equality (professing themselves to be wise they became fools) have chosen to exclude biblical principles from everything. Absent the guidance of the Bible which, properly considered, will yield a worldview which is logical, internally consistent, and comports perfectly with observed reality – men have come up with a system of philosophy that cannot find pure truth from end to end, top to bottom, including:

  • There is no God or He didn’t make things like they are now
  • Big bang or other cop-out origins theories
  • Men evolved from particles to people, guided by nothing
  • As we evolved from nothing there is no fixed standard of propriety, and
  • Pretty much every aspect of philosophy is an open question so

So the adversary they refuse to acknowledge even exists has 100% bamboozled people.

Where does the concept of transgenderism originate, according to the Christian point of view? It is, entirely, literally, a lie from the devil.  Now be advised this is a finely nuanced point, however cliche is may seem at first blush.

I am aware that trans-identifying people may consider this to be a personal attack. They are mistaken. That we disagree about philosophy is not an attack on the person whose identity is bound up in their own misguided worldview! It is a difference of first principles, which if someone is offended at, they probably don’t understand that people are not ideas, they are people, no matter what they believe. As such, they are limited by reality.

The Bible defines reality for a Christian. People then are entirely confined to “male and female created he them” and “God is not the author of confusion.”

okay VFD this is all fun but not directly addressing the topic.

The topic has been covered in detail! Take the Bible for granted and my argument has been presented thoroughly already here!


God created male and female for the purpose of filling the Earth He had just made. Homosex can’t do it. Sterile, chopped-up mutilated neo-vaginae & penii can’t do it. These are an ultimate perversion of the design and the actions involved are (Q.E.D.) abominable to God and forbidden either in black-and-white or by heavy inference.

It is plain to see from the Bible that some gender roles are flexible in a way that gender is not. Some godly women have done man-ish things but remained women. There is no biblical distinction between gender and sex for humans. These are synonyms.

But. There is an adversary, the author of confusion. This one wants people unhappy, and wants people to NOT fulfil God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply“.

The recent origin of the current confusion and unhappiness, then, is easily identified: The Devil made them do it.  With no protection from the Holy Spirit in their lives, foolish thoughts can be farmed like a cash crop in the souls of the unregenerate! Now a bumper crop is being reaped, even while the field is re-sown with worse seed.

The progress went something like this:

  • Reject God or some aspect of God you don’t like
  • Reject the Bible
  • Biblical standards are not binding
  • Sexual rules are arbitrary
  • it’s ok to have MSM & WSW sex
  • Intersex attraction is arbitrary
  • Sex itself is arbitrary, anything goes
  • Why are sex and gender even linked? That’s dumb
  • Sex and gender are not synonyms
  • If you feel like you got assigned the wrong gender you aren’t crazy, you are right
  • It’s normal for some people to not be a fixed or assigned gender
  • Obvious solution: gender reassignment!

And here we are, in 2020 USA and all over the world. People without a Biblical worldview will agree with that progression. But there’s a catch.

They are all wrong.

This worldview fails to account for the truth of the matter: The farther people stray from the design of God (who, remembver, wants us to be happy) the less happy we become. Pure biblical Christianity brings joy. Go look at how much joy there is in the transgender community.  The adjective “toxic” is commonly applied – by the more sane members the same community who are not beyond all feeling. I have seen several first-hand reports from as well as heard in personal conversation with transgender-identifying persons, that the community is shockingly bad, with trans people being deeply unhappy.

All of this, doubtless, has the adversary rolling in the aisles laughing. Having planted this confusion, the one who hates these people rejoices in their suffering.

ok but they exist.

No, they don’t. It’s a lie. Gender is the same as sex, and immutable. The reason suicide rates are the same post-transition is that it’s not a cure, because you can’t change gender. People know this in a very deep subconscious place but they can’t sort it. ‘If I am this way then it’s the way I am and it’s ok, but it’s not ok? The more accepting society becomes, I don’t feel less internal conflict, why?’

Because it is fake. The very idea is contrary to human nature. your perceived identity is contrary to itself – no wonder you have no joy! Gender cannot be changed because it is an immutable part of the self. You are what you were born with.*

  • So you are not transgendered
  • You are confused
  • Having been given a strong delusion  by a being that can inject thoughts into your mind, who hates you

There is hope for you to be happy, but that path starts with accepting an entire reality you have heretofore rejected.


* don’t bring a red herring about actual genetic mutation type intersex people. These are 0.00nothing percent of the population. You’re not that, and you know it. We’re talking about people who self-identified as something contrary to their plain biological sex.

[SOLVED!] Make Firefox your default browser when Windows won’t let you do it, and it’s not even an option

I had a problem with Firefox and switched to Waterfox. All was well. Then a couple of years later, I wanted to switch back to Firefox because %reasons%. When FF started it asked if I wanted to set it as the default browser. Yes, thanks. Windows opened an applet to let me change the default browser and . . . Firefox was not on the list. I couldn’t select it as it was not there. Waterfox was masquerading as Firefox. This was the case everywhere in the system.

I right-click-> ‘open with’ changed the default program for .html documents, and that worked! But it only worked for that one filetype. There are also .htm, .xht and .xhtml to consider. This is not elegant and there must be an easier way.

Reinstalling wouldn’t help; this was a fresh installation of Firefox.

The Default Apps applet didn’t help, this wasn’t on the list of options.

Default Programs from the Classic Control Panel didn’t help. It was not on the list of options.

Bringing up the Set Defaults app (win+R -> ms-settings:defaultapps) didn’t work. I was able to change .htm but the other two didn’t have Firefox listed as options, I guess because they were listed as protocols instead of filetypes.

The ONLY thing that worked, and it only took a quick moment, was found at where there is listed a simple shell command to execute. I didn’t even need an elevated (run as Administrator) command prompt! This was SUPER easy.

Type the following, press the following keys on your keyboard:

  • Press the Start button or your Windows key
  • cmd
  • Enter
  • “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe” /SetAsDefaultAppGlobal
  • Enter

Bam. Firefox is your default browser again. Thanks Jesus I finally found it, and thanks Keven Arrows for the writeup!