Conversations With Myself

Today after I got home from work, I had some pork chops, ‘taters and rice. Then a big homemade buñuelo*.  Fast forward to nearly-bedtime and I’m hungry. The following amusing-to-me conversation came out of my mouth between the living room and the kitchen:

VFD: My stomach informs me that buñuelos are not enough for a whole supper.
VFD:  (goes into kitchen, sees pan from cooking supper)
VFD: Oh wait, I had supper already!
VFD: Awwwwww yeah, that means it’s time for DESSERT!

*on a related note, the buñuelos took longer to make than usual. One of DW’s friends got a phone call telling her that the friend’s husband up and DIED while they were doing the prep work. So…yeah, the friend stopped making dessert treats and left.

At Least the Nazis Had Respect for Motherhood…

Today I learned, the USA is worse than the National Socialist Party of Germany in the 1930s in one significant respect: we have lost the motivation as a nation to protect the babymakers. This is how you lose a society*.

The Wizards of Smart have decided that, in the name of Equality, women will be allowed into all combat roles in our military forces. This is bad enough. But in a couple of years when all the paperwork is done, the women of “fighting age”**will also be required to register for the draft. Because people demand equality. Specifically, there is a lawsuit now going forward to pursue the claim that a male-only draft is unconstitutional.

The feminists wanted equality. This is what equality looks like. Like it or not ladies, I don’t think you should be out there getting shot-at. And I’m still holding the door for you. And I know you like it, because you thank me and smile when I do it. Probably because I live in a civilized part of the world, not some whacko college campus where they’d berate me for it (and be berated in return) 😉


*Not that our society seems to be on a self-sustaining track lately anyway, but…

*formerly known as “repopulate the country/childbearing age”

Really, Microsoft?

Microsoft made Windows, and it was good. Well, every other time they released a new version. The other half of the versions all sucked.

Windows 7 in particular is Good Enough. 8 failed hard. 8.1 failed hard. 9 would have been glorious. But they skipped 9, didn’t they. Straight to 10. And it is as bad as could be expected, from a privacy standpoint. It’s ugly, and still not as user-friendly as 7 was. People are avoiding it in droves. Microsoft has stated an intention to have it on a zillion or so computers pretty quickly, so the avoiding was a problem.

They decided to install Windows 10 for you. You’re welcome. Then people complained not a little, and Microsoft stopped changing your operating system without asking. Now they’re going to start it up again. You’re welcome.

2020: the year Microsoft stops supporting 7, may just finally be the year of Linux.