So impeachment is now nothing more than a vote of no-confidence. Cool, cool.

Maybe next we can just throw darts at a phone book and decide who the next President will be. Elected politicians have divided themselves so badly into partisan camps that the most-important civil proceeding they can employ has now been used as a cudgel against someone they don’t like, based on something that is not only not criminal, not only not bad, it’s something they themselves have repeatedly done without censure.

Garbage. A pox on all their houses.

More evidence: What you are seeing does not match the conclusions you drew (because of ignorance), Drylands Dryness edition

tl;dr: There exists a previously-unknown negative feedback mechanism controlling climate on the Earth that was causing models to not match observations. Global warming climate models all fail at general predictions over the long term because they don’t match observations . . . because the scientists programming the models don’t know everything.

Forgive me for thinking we should not base global governance on half-baked science driven by agendas contrary to common sense.


a climate heretic.