Russia Cracks Down On Protestors?

Bears sh*t in the woods?

On the 31st day of the month, protestors gather to protest the Russian government. The russian government says “yah, uhm, someone else had the park reserved for an event that day” (every single time) and declares the protest illegal.

Riot police, beatings with truncheons, the whole works. Just like old times, eh Russia?

Russian oppression: what’s the worst that did could happen?

Nuclear Power Does NOT REQUIRE Cap & Trade Passage!

Obama is leaving his dying ‘healthcare’ scam to twist in the wind. He is now pushing for Cap and Trade, a so-called environmental pollution reduction measure that would not only NOT reduce pollution, it would raise your electric bill $3000 a year. Think how little you can afford that, then think how little the whole country could afford it.

Cap and trade WILL crush the United States’ economy. Sacrificed on the altar of “green” energy.

For years, some of us have been saying that the entire cure for our energy problems is nuclear power generation. It is clean, renewable, reliable, and SAFE. But the watermelon environmentalists declare that it is horrible. Obama is risking their ire (I hope he gets it in full, by the way) in an attempt to get his cap and trade regulatory scheme in place.

Wait, what? How is cap and trade related to nuclear power?

It doesn’t have to be. It’s a sweetener for the Republicans who haven’t seen the handwriting on the wall about cap and trade. A vote for Cappin’ Trade is a vote to kill your political career and they should all know it by now. Obama is trying to convince you that he cares to increase the amount of nuclear power plants as a way to reduce pollution. The press is going out in a full-court press to spin this just the way he likes it. This is a red herring.

The Cap & Trade bill has some loan guarantees for the nuclear power generation industry, to help them get some power plants kick-started. Obama knows full well two things: 1) we could underwrite those loans entirely outside of the framework of the environmentalist/communist cap & trade scam, and 2) these plants won’t get built anyway. There are too many environmental regulations to overcome, to meet even the least ambitious of pollution reduction timelines. Then there is the question of what to do with the spent fuel.

For anyone with half a brain, this is a no-brainer. Every other country that relies heavily on nuclear fuel recycles it. Jimmy Carter got all scared of terrorists getting their hands on the fuel en-route and forbade it to be recycled. You shouldn’t have to worry about how awful Yucca Mountain could be for the environment. You should just turn the spent fuel back into fresh fuel again. Simple, no? That’s why, IF YOU STAY ON YOUR SENATOR, Cap and Trade doesn’t have to pass. Tell them to get the nuclear plants on line WITHOUT cap and trade.

Good News/Bad News Re: My Rearview Mirror

My car’s rear view mirror had a nasty buzz right at cruising speed (65MPH). Annoying.

I pulled the mirror off and tightened the screw that holds the works together. Should be good to go. I’ll know after another trip to the car parts store to get some rearview mirror epoxy . . . because the mount broke off of the glass and took a little bit of windshield with it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Bacon Bandages!

I am pretty sure there is a continuum of some sort involving guns, patriotism, libertarianism, anti-communism, and other Good Things here. I have noticed, to use an understatement, a certain fondness for bacon amongst the guns-n-common sense bloggers I read. For them, when there is a minor injury, we have:

Bacon bandages*.

When there is something slightly more disgusting, we have . . . BACON! Click this link and you’ll have learned your ‘something’ for the day. I hope you have a strong stomach.

*Sure it’s old but I just saw it for the first time.

Hey Let’s Sell $6B in Arms To The Political Enemy of Our Most Important Trading Partner!

Yeah! That’s a GREAT idea! Let’s bill it as a way to fix up the trade defecits! What could possibly go wrong?

China likes to think Taiwan is part of China.
Taiwan likes to think Taiwan is Taiwanese, not Chinese
We get most of our cheap crap and borrow most of our national operating expenses, from China
We like Taiwan because they have fun things like liberty and capitalism

So what does the ham-fisted US. Dept. of State do? Why, they allow a $6B arms deal to Taiwan to go through. Have these people never heard of making deals through a proxy?

Here is my summary to date of the wisdom of the Hillary Clinton state department:


A Huge Story You May Not Hear About

One-month treasury bills selling at negative interest (again). People are willing to lose money, just so they have some place to park it. This is also the main reason why the DJIA is at 10,000 points: “What else are we going to do with our clients’ money?”

Oregon’s unemployment rate is going to get even higher (than the current 12.5%)

Obama rips lobbyists and then asks for their input (again!). The lobbyist class is like a rich sugar daddy’s shack-up honey: “Sure he hits me sometimes but then he’s so nice to me afterwards . . . .”

$1 Billion security costs may be required to give the world’s worst terrorists the ultimate platform to spread their poisonous ideology on the world’s stage again. Both sides of the political aisle are against this, but the President says so, so . . . .

No, You Don’t.

Local politicians around the country have taken up the catch phrase “we have to do more with less” as they produce budgets that are larger than last year’s while taking in less money in revenues.

You don’t have to do more with less. You have to do less with less. You know the problem has become pretty bad when even the New York Times says the main budget-killer is UNION pension and benefit plans. Amazingly (for the NYT) they even pointed the finger at the reason for the union cost increases (Bloomberg).

Clue: Mayor Bloomberg (as if he’ll read this): when you have to say in public “The bottom line is we donโ€™t have any money” then you don’t increase your budget. Duh?

The Proper Response To Violence . . .

If someone uses violence against you, the proper response in very many cases is more violence. Uncle linked this video up but with different commentary.

1) THIS guy was brandishing a gun. Pointing it at a thug to prevent him robbing you is not brandishing in this sense at all, which is why Utah seems to be on the right track working up this measure.
2) Guns should properly come out just before people start getting killed. A gun is not the same thing as calling people names, although that is about as serious as it appears this guy thought it was. Otherwise you stand a good chance of getting what this moron got.
3) If you are fighting someone who was pointing a gun at you, or at your friend, and you are holding a skateboard: Do not use your flesh to inflict trauma on the gunman. Don’t use your fist or your feet. If you can, use the TRUCKS to make sure they end up on the ground and stay there. You saw this joker take the flat of a board to the head and it took a lot of the fight right out of him, but then they backed off using the skateboard on him. An assailant can fake a knock-out and pop right back up again when you back away; it’s pretty hard to fake a split-open cranium and bleeding out all over the sidewalk.
4) If you are filming an event like this, Zoom in on the face of the gunman, then zoom out to show the whole affair. It makes prosecution and/or civil defense cases easier. Filming from behind a big tree wouldn’t be a terrible idea. NOT filming the face of the person who deals a death blow would probably also be a good idea.

Late-Breaking News!

. . . or early, depending.

The times they are a’changin’. My company started with two guys selling trash (literally). Now they have a 90,000 square foot warehouse full of stuff, and nearly 30 people work for them. It’s a long way to go until it turns into Initech, but we have to move beyond the days of excessive personal internet use on work computers sometime. For me, that time is now. I deleted all my non-work bookmarks on my work PC and spent the whole day (save lunch and state-mandated breaks) actually WORKING at work. It’s not as much fun as otherwise, but it still pays the bills with a minimum of stress, which is great.

So. Either I’ll be posting before you wake up, or after you get off work. Ah well, you shouldn’t be hitting up my blog during working hours any more than I should, anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sad But Necessary: Driving Test For Old People.

Old people suck at driving. They can’t see, can’t move their heads enough to look around, get confused with the controls and have slooooooow reaction times.

Rick Bolka has the wrong perspective on the matter, but let’s cut him some slack. His 17 year-old daughter was killed by an Elderly driver.

Right now, “the first level of defense is the driver,” says Rick Bolka. “The second level of defense is the (driver’s) family. The third level of defense is the (driver’s) physician. We would like to see the state become the first level of defense. The government has a responsibility to protect its citizens.”

No Mr. Bolka, the citizens have a responsibility to take care of each other. The citizens voice their opinion at the ballot. We have come to a crisis of increasing proportion. Because The Greatest Generation and the one that fought in The War To End All Wars (before the next war) both suck at self-awareness and responsible citizenry, now Rick Perry is considering a law to make the State of Texas check up on older drivers more often.


Personally, I think EVERYONE should have to pass a driving test on a parking lot, then on the open highway, every few years. Every other year may be too long an interval when you get past 80 years old.


When the people are righteous, there is no need of a law. When they refuse to stop driving after they have become a hazard to their fellow citizens, we need a law. Sad commentary on your generation, old people. Sad but true.