They call him a heavenly *Father*

As I prayed this morning, I felt I was not praying very well due to fatigue, kept falling asleep. I apologized for not doing well & the thought came to mind that God does not require results, he wants our effort.  I thought of my 3 year-old son. If he came out of his room with 2 of his 6 shirt buttons fast and those 2 in the wrong holes . . . if he were apologetic for not doing well, I would not be upset; I would smile and gently help him to do it right. Correction and not chastisement is the joy of a Father.  Carnal, or The Heavenly.

2007 Mar 12


This was a note I wrote for myself, 12 years ago according to the date on the index card.  It still rings true and I’ve just cleaned off my desk for the first time in 12 years (!) and I’m officially Doing Something with everything that was on the desk.  So here’s what I’m doing with this note.