WTF Is Wrong With You People?

Junk bonds are on a rally lately. Okay, maybe you can give people a pass on that. Junk bonds crashing wasn’t the last bubble burst. But mortgage bonds? Really? You’re blowing another bubble in mortgage bonds?

Double Facepalm

people, people people.

In a way it’s good I suppose. The economy would completely tank, and hard, if people would invest based on the value of things vs. their emotions and optimism. Then I might lose my job in the ensuing crash. While we have a slow slide into the economic abyss, people can keep up hope that the next year holds promise. Then they continue to buy junk on eBay, thereby supporting my employment.

. . . and when we, as Japan, have two lost decades under our belt, I still have a job. Great success.

China Resumes Rare Earth Metal Shipments?

A full month and more after China stopped shipping rare earth metals to their trading ‘partners’ and mere hours before Secretary Clinton was to wave her finger at them and threaten to write them a nasty letter, China started letting rare earths out of their ports again.

This can be seen as a won or failed attempt, depending on what they were trying to accomplish. I am inclined to think it was a failure, as their main customers started recycling and their secondary customers started making moves to open up their own rare earth mines again. We’ll see how this is spun in the news in the coming days.

Did You Ever Wonder?

What happened to the bad kids in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory? Did the blueberry turn violet? Did gloop squeeze through? Did Mike ever resume his normal programming? I like to think the furnace was lit for the Bad Egg chute, but the rest of them . . .

. . . one of the parts of a good movie: they leave you hanging a little.

How Not To Vote

If it’s not enough for you to realize that the horrific oil spill response/cleanup fiasco in the Gulf was on the Democrats’ watch, maybe you will scroll down to the bottom of this post. In bankrupted-by-unions California, the unions are crying that taxed-to-the-hilt citizens are not paying enough taxes to support the unions. Mish points out that they have done the people of California a great service in providing a handy guide of who to vote AGAINST next Tuesday.

Oil, Dispersant Still Being Deposited In Gulf of Mexico

Naked Capitalism brings a guest post from Washington’s Blog. Click through to find a few DOZEN headlines about:

The well is still pouring out fresh crude oil
Somebody is spraying dispersants from blacked-out planes at night
People are being sprayed and getting sick
Kids play with tar balls on the beach and hemmorage from their ears.
Women working on the ocean hemmorage from BOTH southern exposures
The government is intimidating people into silence
Shrimpers fishing IN oil, seafood not being tested for presence of chemicals

Reasonable observers saw this coming. Even I saw this coming. Click the “Oil” tag at the bottom of this post and look at my predictions as far back as July. Be surprised if you see more than one of the stories in the Naked Capitalism post discussed in the next seven days on the MSM news. In an anti-incumbent election year, remember: this happened on the Democrats’ watch.

President Obama is My Enemy?

. . . according to him, maybe.

He should probably fire whoever wrote this for his TelePrompTer.

“We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”

No, he did not call you and me his enemy. He said he thinks latino voters should consider non left-wingers the enemy. See? It’s not the same as calling you the enemy at all. This, from the guy who ran as a racial and political uniter. He said we were no longer to be red States and blue States. No more black or white or latino Americans . . . well, I suppose that may have meant, we won’t be divided after all our enemies have been “punished.”

President George H.W. Bush eulogized President Reagan in part by saying: “He led from conviction, but never made an adversary into an enemy. He was never mean-spirited.” President Bush, of course, is too classy to walk up to President Obama and say “You, sir, are no Ronald Reagan.”


Well, at least Obama is gracious enough to repeatedly say he isn’t the King of America. That he has apparently thought of being King enough to mention it publicly is both disturbing and not surprising.

Madness @ Work

LB pays his car note when the people at Monster Mega Bank call him to tell him he’s delinquent. They called him while he was talking to Company Owner #2.

LB: Hey, put your president on the phone, let me talk to him.
MMB: I don’t think you’re going to be able to talk to the President of Monster Mega.
LB: Well, you could if you worked where I work. You can talk to the president where I work. Here.
LB: (shoves phone in CO2’s face) CO2 you talk to em.
CO2: Oh, okay . . .
LB: (back on the phone) See? That was the president of my company!
MMB: (incredulous) Where do you work?

At a small company, Monster Mega Collections girl. A small, small company. It’s great.


The other day I got a machine in to the shop that looked pretty nice. Turns out, not so much. It eventually ended up on eBay for parts/repair. I was pretty happy about that, because this machine and I got off on the wrong foot.

This is a wrapping system. You put in a tray of raw meat and it wraps, seals, weighs, prices and tags the package. Very spiffing.


The side panel was off when I got it, so I had a peek inside. Okay, some excess stretch film, not unexpected . . .


Squat down and look in the window on the lower part of the machine, more stretch film . . .


Hey, what’s that over there on the left? Let’s grab a flashlight and have a little looky-poo . . .








That right there is just wrong. It looks like what used to be 1/2 pound of animal flesh, mummified by the cool air of the meat packing area. Icky. In order to protect the reputation of Walmart, I won’t say where this machine used to be in service.

Oh, and it stank when the sealer warmed up. Like warm fat.

Tip For Chief Acevedo:

Dear Chief Acevedo,

If you are going to give a press conference, take off your reading glasses. Looking over them at the cameras when you are not reading anything does not make you look smart, it makes you look un-tough.

Allow me to illustrate:

Police Chief push you down. U WILL respek mah authoritie!

Police Chief lecture you on calorie counts. Please pretty please stop breaking the law please.


Images from the Austin-American Statesman