Not “Could Be.” Is.

The press in America is speculating that Egypt may soon be in a civil war.  News flash: Egypt IS in a state of Civil War.  When your military overthrows the ruling party and kills hundreds (thousands) of them in subsequent violent clashes, what else do you call it?  No matter on which side your sympathies lie, Egypt is at war with Egypt.  What we should do is sit back and watch.  What we probably will do is send clandestine “advisors” to help the military make sure the radical islamists don’t get back into power.

It’s ugly, and it’s our fault.  The Old Boss may have been a dictator, but he was our dictator and kept the rabble in chec – until we roused the rabble enough to get the dictator thrown out.  You know, like in that other country we “smart diplomacied” into civil war.  No, the other one.  No, the other other one.

That’s some mighty fine detective work there, Nobel Peace Prize award people!  Way to pick a peacenik well in advance!

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