Democrats Kill the $700B Housing Bailout: Not Enough Pork.


I heard Laura Ingraham talking about it this morning, and was incredulous. Now, I’m still incredulous.

Nanci Pelosi has killed the $700B bailout deal. And said ‘it’s not my refusal to get on board, it’s their refusal to give money to a group under investigation in a dozen states for voter registration fraud, that’s part of this mess in the 1st place.’

That’s right kiddies. Just like the immigration reform bill that would have given amnesty to illegal aliens who were gangbangers, the deeper you read into this one the worse it gets. THAT’S why they want to jam it down your throat too fast to taste it.

Instead of paying off the debt caused by the deal. Instead of paying down the national debt. Instead of paying off some of the budget deficit. Instead of giving some of the people’s money BACK to the People, the Democrats involved want to give “no less than” 20% of any profit realized on the $700B you are about to spend, to community organization groups like ACORN (voter registration fraud, to get more democrat votes), The National Council of The Race (that would be the MEXICAN Race, in case you were wondering, also a Democrat supporting group)(la Raza is Spanish for the Race) etc.

And yet, they continue to be elected.

If you get upset about this sort of thing, and don’t vote, slap yourself across the face for me. You are part of the problem.

P.S. Oh by the way, they were bold to do this, because they got some money for these groups out of the OTHER bailout that the President just pushed through. Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. Socialists and Muslim terrorists: No compromise, ever.

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