How Big Are Stop Light/Red Light Signal Lamps?

Traffic control signal lights . . . how big are they?

Big. Bigger than your head.

The yellow thing these guys are working on is a standard Red/Yellow/Green stop light. Notice that one part is open. That is the housing for a green light. Notice that the full-grown men working up there could stick their heads inside, with room to spare. You don’t even have to take your hat off, unless you are in Texas 😉 It looks like the light “bulb” modules are about a foot in diameter. they look small from your car, but then you are usually 50 to 200 feet away when you are looking at the traffic lights.

 photo DSC_2203_zps7cb9410e.jpg

If I find it interesting, somebody else probably does too. For those people, here you go.

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