Egyptian Citizenry Picks Up The Slack

You have a popular uprising and the thug-in-chief is thrown out.
You hold elections and the new President sounds like he’s a good one.
Then he turns out to be a muslim fanatic and helps fellow muslim fanatics get in positions of authority and allows reprisals and terrorism against non-muslims
Your military throws him out
The islamists are acting badly because of it, and lose popular support big-time
The USA refuses to recognize the military government as legitimate (hopefully this changes when a new election is held)

So what do you do?

You make fun of people who look like islamists on the bus, and don’t let them into the market.  You deride them, and thereby deny them the power over your mind that they wish to obtain.

The answer to people with stupid ideas is to laugh at them and treat them badly.  Good for you, Egyptians: popular backlash is exactly what was needed.  Let’s hope we can get some of that here, for our own idiot leftists.

Hat tip: Instapundit


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