An Abstention Worse Than An Aye

Today, the USA threw Israel under the bus. Yesterday, President-Elect Trump succeeded in stopping Egypt from putting forth the resolution but today a bunch of other enemies of Israel went ahead with it, and the USA *abstained* instead of voting to veto the UN’s condemnation of Israeli “settlements in Palestinian territory”. Then our representative who doesn’t even deserve to be named said it was in keeping with longstanding USA policy going back 50 years . . . never mind that as recently as 2011 a similar resolution was vetoed by us.

I hope President Trump lives up to his hype in regards to Israel. We have been playing footsie with the enemies of God, on the subject of his favorite bit of real estate, for far too long.

But VFD, how was this worse?

Because the result was a foregone conclusion. If the USA didn’t veto the resolution, it was guaranteed to pass. Abstaining from the vote was the same as voting in favor, except that it shows a lack of courage. Even courage to do the wrong thing is more admirable than cowardice.


Score One for the Grown-Ups?

Despite the reprehensible, despicable meddling in foreign elections undertaken by President Obama, it appears Prime Minister Netanyahu is once again re-elected by the people of Israel.  It will take a while to shake out the government, but at least there is a margin (however slim it may be) for the party of standing up for their own nation’s right to exist.


I’m sure President Obama would be crying very foul indeed if Netanyahu were sending agents to undermine HIS re-election campaign.  Then again, he probably wouldn’t like it if New York City were being shelled from Canada, and would possibly even be as militaristic as an Israeli being shelled from the Golan.  The world will probably never know, but we can’t have an end to the Terror of Obama soon enough.

Nobody Could Have Imagined

Perhaps, nobody with the power to do anything about it has the imagination to think of it.  But some people are, in fact, imagining what can happen in a worst case scenario.  Read this and see if it is, in fact, too far-fetched for our enemy to carry out.  Remembering the while, our enemy is not afraid to strap a bomb on himself and blowem up.


"The U.S. Will Have To Change."

Well excuse the [deleted] out of me, I think I will stay just the way I am.  The only thing that needed to change right before that school shooting was the order of killings: asshat first, then the kids.  He got the order wrong but at least he took himself out at the end.  President Obama, being both a Democrat and a Leftist, likes to clump people together in groups instead of thinking of individuals.  Well guess what?

I’m not going to kill anybody, and neither are you, and neither is the guy who shot up that school last week.  In fact, that will never happen again because he’s dead as a door nail! 

Well, then again, President Obama is still in campaign mode.  He got elected and re-elected as a blank slate. People projected what they wanted him to be onto the vague platitudes he spoke, and elected what they wanted!  In the spirit of bipartisanship, I will project what I want onto His Vagueness also.

The U.S. will have to change.  Yes.  The USA should become more like Israel and have the Card-Carrying Good Guys wear guns in the schoolhouses across our nation.  No, not the Police . . . the TEACHERS.  How many school shootings like this have you heard about in Israel?

Let’s take a guess as to whether CT’s strict gun control laws or the likely Gun-Free Zone nature of this school campus gave the shooter even a moment’s pause.  Yeah, they don’t stop any CRIMINALS from doing bad.  They stop GOOD PEOPLE from being able to do good.  You know what stops a school shooter?  Here’s a hint: it’s not laws forbidding private gun ownership . . .





Eh, Guys, What Are You Doing There?

Egypt is moving troops to the Egypt/Israel border, with tanks, to Rafah which is across from the “Palestinian Controlled” area at the southwest of Israel. Yahoo! sucks as a news agency, so the 10-photo series I found has no story with it, and I gotta go to work. I have no time for searching, but I don’t much care for it. Maybe they are fighting off “militants,” sure. And maybe some of us remember 1967.

Setting the Stage for Armageddon?

China has an army that could easily march a few million men into Israel. Israel will (if you read it that way) be the location of a battle that will include so many casualties that blood flows as deep as a horse’s bridle for 200 miles.

But China has nothing to do with Israel! Why would China figure into the last battle just before the return of Jesus to Earth? They wouldn’t, right? It was always some sort of vague “they’ll come from the Kings of the North” type of thing. Until now.

China says they’ll protect Iran even if it starts World War Three. Iran, of course, is on Israel’s short list of “Nations to attack before they wipe us off the map.” WWIII here we come.

The maths are open for debate(check the comments!). Depending on how you run your made-up numbers, it could be about the right volume of blood to mean everyone left on Earth dying in the same place. That seems . . . perhaps high to me.

Israel Grows A Pair?

Alternate headline: Israel suspects Obama is as much their ally as he seems to be

Having shown himself friendly to the current tyrannical regime in the islamic republic of Iran, and cool at best toward our ally Israel, it is entirely possible that Israel is afraid that notifying the USA of an incipient attack would be the same thing as telling Iran directly that the attack is coming. Would YOU trust the current White House information sieve to keep it on the hush for a day or three? For an hour?

So. Israel is reportedly refusing to tell The Obama in advance when they launch the upcoming strike on the peaceful adherents to the religion of peace. Oh, and the radio news says they may go at Iran as soon as before this Christmas. Some say by next summer. At any rate, Israel is apparently getting ready to launch their third pre-emptive strike against a neighbor which is working up the capability to wipe Israel off the face of the planet.

Well it is setting the USA up for a huge, horrible bad call. Fortunately it’s an election year and public opinion polling may force President Obama to make the right call and support our friends. It would not be out of character for President Obama to denounce the attack after the fact, and even to go so far as to un-friend Israel. It would be a very bad idea but not very surprising if he refused to allow further arms sales to Israel and cut off foreign aid. If Obama starts talking about taking or allowing military action against Israel, you will know that Very Bad Things are on the way.

Let me make a few very-nearly-unqualified statements: I am for Israel. I am against those nations which are against Israel. I acknowledge Israel has a right to exist as a nation, and the Jews have a right to life. “Now let me be clear:” I support Israel taking pre-emptive military action against nations which seek to destroy him.

Including the USA. God forbid it should come to that.

In related news, Unexpectedly (surprise!) Iran – and let me tell you I was shocked, shocked to hear this, Iran has been working on a nuclear weapon project. Who knew, right? I mean, they kept insisting that they wanted nuclear power for peaceful electricity generation! What an unforeseen turn of events this is!
P.S. How is Leon Panetta the Secretary of Defense? SRSLY? There’s more retreads in this administration boy, I tell you what!

Libya Jumps to Sharia

In a move that came literally out of nowhere, the wonderful modern peaceful people who murdered Qaddafi have announced that, in his absence, they’ll be going straight to Sharia as a basis for their new national legal system. You know, the philosophy from the book that says to kill the Jews, Infidels, and Hypocrites? That one.

This would be in the nation where President Obama was instrumental in the notawar that got the dictator out of power without putting official Boots on the Ground in Libya. Without sending in an army, no surprise, we did not find any weapons of mass destruction that may have been sent from Iraq when Hussein knew the jig was up. We also did not find hundreds of “missing” cruise missiles. Funny how that works: don’t go in person and you miss some minor details like enough weaponry to destroy Israel.

Let’s all practice our surprised faces for when the new muslim government of Libya decides to take a few pot shots at Israel. And remember to NOT be outraged if President Obama only goes as far as making angry frowny-faces at Libya, instead of . . . oh, I don’t know, maybe undertaking military action for a change.

Wait, that’s not . . . oh hey football; nevermind about Libya, football is on!

Stopped Clock Gets It Right.

In a move that may have been an extremely good idea for (debatably) reasons other than he may think, President Obama has blocked official UN recognition of the Palestinian state (for now). President VFD says: Here’s the deal: you get your buddies to stop murdering the ever-hated jooooos and revise your national charter so it doesn’t say Israel has no right to exist, THEN we can talk about statehood. Until then you’re a bunch of Goblins and/or political footballs.

Stooge-Slap Appropriately Delivered.

Israel’s Prime Minister let the President of the USA know in no uncertain terms what was what and who’s who, and the President came out the very next day and dialed back the “definitive language” he was putting out the other day.

A) Good.
B) Way to appear strong, USA
C) Way to engender trust in the rest of the world
4) Does this speak of ignorant incompetence or not-really-dedicated-to-it malice? I lean still toward incompetence, but there is no knowing.

A disagreement between friends. Small, minor details. Nothing, really. I mean, it’s only the loss of half their country immediately to the pen and the other half in a short war to the sword.